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The Bay Area isn’t the only place with a hot tech scene. Amidst the finance and fashion, the technology sector is blooming. With tech companies continually emerging in New York City and surrounding areas and job growth exceeding that of Silicon Valley, Manhattan is holding its own as a hotbed of technology and innovation.

Dev Bootcamp New York City is located in the center of Manhattan’s financial district, now about more than just banks. Our neighbors include tech companies such as Stack Exchange and Fog Creek with many more, including Etsy, Amplify, HowAboutWe, just across the bridge. Foursquare, Tumblr, Google, Twitter, Pivotal Labs and ThoughtWorks are just a few subway stops away.

About Dev Bootcamp New York

Dev Bootcamp pioneered the short-term, immersive coding school model. We launched the first campus here in San Francisco in 2012 with just 20 students. Since then, we have expanded to open campuses in Chicago and New York City and have helped hundreds of students make the transition into technology roles.

Our 19-week programming course includes nine weeks of part-time, remote, but interactive training plus nine full-time, intensive weeks of learning at our New York City campus, followed by Career Week.

Through Dev Bootcamp, you’ll learn both the technical skills you need to work as a web developer and the functional and emotional skills that will help you become successful leaders in dynamic, cross-functional engineering teams.

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Meet the New York teaching staff

  • Sam Blackman mini headshot
    Sam Blackman Teacher
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    Sam Blackman headshot

    Sam claims he was the first kid in New Zealand on the internet. He joined us as a teacher in March 2014 after quitting his corporate law job (after just five weeks) to pursue his real passions – technology and teaching. Sam has an extensive teaching background, having taught speech and drama, formal logic, critical thinking and contract law. He loves to energize and inspire people to live meaningful lives. When Sam’s not teaching he’s often building web-based games. He also loves cycling, playing ukulele, woodworking and having adventures around the world with his wife.

  • Zack Mance mini headshot
    Zack Mance Teacher
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    Zack Mance headshot

    Zack spent most of his career in software consulting and software development. He became a teacher at Dev Bootcamp in October 2014 to help people change their lives. When he’s not teaching or coding, Zack is on his snowboard pursuing the best powder in the country. Since moving to New York from Pittsburgh, Zack has been making the most of the varied cuisine by trying to eat at a new restaurant every week.

  • Chris DiMartino mini headshot
    Chris DiMartino Teacher
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    Chris DiMartino headshot

    Chris has worked in the tech industry since 1999, and joined us as a teacher in January 2015. He loves sharing the knowledge he has learned throughout his career, and seeing students’ eyes light up with understanding. Before Dev Bootcamp, Chris worked in sysadmin, Perl and PHP development, MySQL, and general systems engineering. He has worked for Aviation Software and The New York Times. When not coding, Chris likes to spend time with his kids, snowboard and knit.

  • Steven Cassidy mini headshot
    Steven Cassidy Teacher
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    Steven Cassidy headshot

    Steven has worked as a developer since 1993 in both London and New York, and became a teacher at Dev Bootcamp in August 2014. Throughout his career Steven has had various roles including developer, team lead, project manager, department head, independent consultant and CTO for a startup. He has worked in C, C++, Java, Ruby, JavaScript and other languages. Outside of work Steven loves the beach, country hikes and practicing Spanish. He also has a weakness for both serious news and lighthearted comedy movies.

  • Iuliia Kotlenko mini headshot
    Iuliia Kotlenko Teacher
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    Iuliia Kotlenko headshot

    Iuliia was born and raised in Ukraine, received her degree in CS and worked in banking as a system administrator before moving to Seattle in 2012. For the next few years, she traveled the US exploring national parks. Her favorite is Zion National Park, in case you're wondering. While traveling, Iuliia took time to improve her knowledge and skills as a programmer. She taught herself Python, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript through self-study, online tutorials and contributions to open source projects. Iuliia is firm believer that knowledge of multiple programming languages gives greater flexibility to any engineer, which why she's always learning something new. She's very passionate about using Math and Algorithms to create an elegant and simple solution to a complex problem.

Dev Bootcamp is in candidacy to operate as a non-degree granting school under the jurisdiction of the New York State Education Department, Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.

New York State Education Department
Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
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Albany, New York 12234

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