Jumpstart Your New Year's Resolution & Your Career in Tech

By Dev Bootcamp • November 28, 2016

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If you’re a member of our community, you know about or have experienced first-hand DBC’s unique and transformative educational model. You also know about our commitment to improving access to technology skills training that can open doors to careers in and around tech for people of all ages, genders, races, educational or professional backgrounds.

In honor of that commitment, we want to give more people the opportunity to experience Dev Bootcamp with a $2,000 tuition savings for all new students who enroll by Dec 31st, 2016 for any cohort starting before May 31, 2017.

In addition to the $2,000 tuition savings, for every new student who enrolls by December 31st, 2016, Dev Bootcamp will also set aside $2,000 for the DBC Access Fund to provide scholarships in 2017 to students from groups who are underrepresented in technology, including anyone who identifies as a woman or is part of the diverse gender community and anyone who identifies as a member of an ethnic minority group underrepresented in tech.

With the current climate as divided as ever, we are doubling down on who we are and who we always intend to be: a company that values accessibility, diversity and inclusion. The DBC Access Fund allows us to carry on with our diversity efforts well into the new year, building on strong momentum we have already created with a number of other coordinated initiatives in 2016, including: our partnership with Lesbians Who Tech to help fill the talent pipeline with more LGBTQ women and our F8 Scholarship in coordination with Facebook.

To learn more about the tuition savings and our commitment to diversity or to share this opportunity with friends, family and anyone looking to start their journey toward a tech career in 2017, click here.

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