At Talent42, Dev Bootcamp Centers Attention on Apprenticeships to Help Connect Employers with Our Alumni

By Hilary Wells • June 27, 2017

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As the tech talent shortage gets more acute, we are positioning Dev Bootcamp at the center of this conversation.

Today and tomorrow, we are attending and sponsoring Talent42, a unique conference that brings together technical recruiters and technologists. In addition to building new and strengthening existing relationships with employer partners, we are announcing two new programs designed to help employers efficiently hire our grads and close their talent pipeline gaps.

Boomerang, a new premium recruiting program designed to connect our more experienced graduates with open jobs. What’s special about this recruiting program is that there is a social good component built into it.  For every experienced DBC graduate hired by an employer through Boomerang, Dev Bootcamp will help fund a scholarship for a student from an underrepresented community to attend our program.

This “give and get-back” format allows us to address three things that are core to our mission:

  1. Empower our graduates to accelerate their careers in tech
  2. Help employer partners fill open tech positions
  3. Expand access to high-quality tech skills training to more people from varied backgrounds

If you’re interested in learning more about or participating in Boomerang, email us at

Second, we’re formally introducing an Apprenticeship Toolkit and consulting services to help employers build tech apprenticeship programs into their tech hiring and retention practice. As you may have noticed, the term “apprenticeships” has been getting a lot of attention lately. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, recently expressed his vision to build out five million apprenticeships in five years.  And, progressive thinking in companies like LinkedIn, Adobe, Microsoft, and Twilio are paving the way, thinking really outside the box in terms of hiring practices, and Dev Bootcamp has worked with these companies to connect our qualified graduates.

“Apprenticeships” are coming into focus in the tech industry, in a big way, as a potential solution to helping companies hire and retain high-performing, diverse technical talent. Dev Bootcamp has been right there with some of these companies, helping them to structure and fill their apprenticeship openings. Because of our connections with employers who have launched apprenticeship programs and those who have not but are interested in doing so, we are in a unique position to help educate employers who are uncertain about how to get started.

Like Boomerang, our focus on apprenticeships helps us serve both our students and our employer partners, connecting students with great jobs, and employers with a diverse group of talented new developers who are well-trained in both technical and interpersonal skills.

If you want to read what Cody Leclaire, our Executive Director of Careers, has to say about the current need for tech apprenticeships and how our two program announcements satisfy employer hiring pain points, visit the DBC Medium page here.

And, if you’re in a tech apprenticeship program and you want to share details about your experience to help us educate our employer partners and encourage more companies to expand their hiring pipelines, let us know. DM us on Facebook or Twitter, or send an email to

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