From Chef to Teacher to Software Engineer: Meet Alumni Mannah

By Dev Bootcamp • May 22, 2017

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As a former chef, restaurant owner and educator, Mannah brought his passion for cooking and teaching to Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco. After graduating from our technical training program, he landed a software engineer role at Stitch Fix — a fashion retailer that uses technology to personalize the shopping experience. In a podcast interview with Breaking Into Startups, Mannah shared insight from his career journey and what inspired him to learn how to code:

"My experience was, having been through a bunch of educational experiences, how do I get every bit out of this opportunity? How do I squeeze every drop out of it? The good thing about Dev Bootcamp is that there's a structured curriculum, but ultimately you choose your own adventure. There's an extra responsibility on any student to make sure you're asking the questions that you need to get answered. The great part about that is, not only are you going to get the question that you're asking answered, but you're getting that skill that you're going to have to translate into the rest of your career."—K. Mannah Kallon, Dev Bootcamp alumni

Listen to the podcast interview here.

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