From Idea to Application - How Coding Is Helping Chris Build His Company

By Dev Bootcamp • June 22, 2017

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Do you enjoy using your free time and headspace for dreaming up ideas for apps or technology you think the world needs? Have one too many notes on your phone with ideas for startups that you want to someday create? We can relate. Having entrepreneurial ideas isn’t a requirement at Dev Bootcamp, but the culture of creativity, ideation, and embracing failure is nothing short of inspirational.

For Chris Coles, a Dev Bootcamp alum and Full-Stack Software Engineer at the Hackerati, inspiration struck long before he had the skills to make his dream a reality: “What actually encouraged me to start to learn how to code was that I had an app idea. I wanted to make it come to life.” After attending Dev Bootcamp, Chris decided to get some work experience before tackling the great task of building out his app. Chris got his first job at a New York City startup two weeks after graduation. Recently, he settled into a new role at the Hackerati, a strategic consultancy downtown. Watch Chris’ alumni video now.

Before Chris learned how to code at Dev Bootcamp, he was a student at Columbia University, where he hoped to achieve a successful career. Unable to afford the high cost of tuition, Chris was forced to leave the university. To make ends meet, he ended up waiting tables and bartending. Chris used this experience to reflect on the life he wanted: “I realized that the only true way to be in complete control of your life and future was to achieve freedom. Technology manifests these ideals of freedom, agency and self-empowerment. By learning how to code, technology is how I achieved that freedom.”

Chris’ dream is still very much alive and growing - in his free time, he’s developing an online marketplace unlike any other. For people of color, it’s extremely difficult to not only find products made for them, but also to support businesses owned by people of color. That’s the problem Chris’ platform aims to solve - it’s a place that connects people of color with the goods they want, made by other people of color. It’s still in the early stages of development, but he’s excited to share it with us and the world when it’s up and running. We can’t wait!

For anyone who has an idea for an app, is excited about building and creating things with technology, or simply wants to learn and think in a new way, coding is a great place to start.

Chris (and all of us at Dev Bootcamp) believe that coding “empowers you and basically gives you the ability to create whatever it is you want.”

So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step in learning to code - start an application to Dev Bootcamp today.

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