From Touring with The Who to Data Engineer: Austin Alum Sean Witt's Coding Bootcamp Journey

By Christopher Nishimura • November 16, 2016

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During his decade-long run in the music industry both as Pete Townshend's touring sound engineer for The Who and as a store manager for multiple Guitar Center locations, Sean saw the tech scene in Austin erupting around him and wanted to join in on the action in a meaningful, sustainable way. To him, the best path to do that was to learn to code. After dabbling on his own with minor coding challenges, "It was a pretty quick decision for me to know that I needed some help."

Sean enrolled at Dev Bootcamp Austin because he "liked [our] attitude and process of learning how to learn. It’s the idea that 'no one's going to spoon feed you anything' but through the course materials, researching things, and working with your partners, you can figure out a solution to almost any problem."

Through hard work, perseverance and the support of campus director and career developer, Whitney O'Banner, Sean landed a sweet gig at Umbel, an Austin-based sports and entertainment data company.

Of the job search process and DBC's career support, Sean says, "I think that other bootcamps make too many promises about what they can do for you in the job search. So what Dev Bootcamp encourages is taking how hard we were working in the course, and transferring that level of effort on to a job search when we graduate. The careers developer Whitney O’Banner is absolutely incredible with her knowledge on how to interview, negotiating salaries, and all sorts of tips that you just never pick up on your own. I've been in the job force for almost 20 years now, and I learned more in one week from Whitney than I had ever before."

Read all about Sean's personal tech journey on Course Report, including more detail about why he chose DBC, his thoughts on the curriculum, the diversity of his cohort, how he got his job and the cool work he'll be doing at Umbel.

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