Namaste, coders! Why we have yoga at Dev Bootcamp

By Dev Bootcamp Author • July 01, 2015

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A coding bootcamp as immersive as Dev Bootcamp wouldn't be sustainable for students if there were not a significant wellness component to make up for the significant brain drain. Our founder, Sherif Bishay, and those surrounding him during Dev Bootcamp's launch recognized this need from the start and worked to keep students positively engaged physically, emotionally, and mentally.

"Yoga hits all three of those needs - physical, emotional, and mental." Brick Thornton, one of the core coding teachers in San Francisco, was asked to come in and teach yoga every weekday to the first ever cohort back in February 2012. Brick is also a certified yoga instructor and knew the detrimental effects programming can have on the human body. Yoga promotes physical wholeness as well as improved breathing that helps regulate the nervous system.

Out of their heads and into their bodies

Katy Steadman is the current yoga instructor in San Francisco and has been given the jovial title of "Big Yoga Boss Lady." "When they're super stressed out - they can sometimes become overwhelmed - if they stop, breathe and relax, they will start to think more clearly," said Katy of Dev Bootcamp students. The idea is "to get them out of their heads and into their bodies."

Katy (pronounced K-T as Katy is from England) came to Dev Bootcamp to teach yoga at the end of 2012 to work with our third cohort of students. She hasn't turned back since and has taught yoga to thirty-seven cohorts at this point. Katy was attracted to Dev Bootcamp because she saw something in the program she was truly interested in - holistic learning. She liked the idea of diversity and sustainability in the program, in that people could come here and experience a transformation of their whole self, rather than a narrow focus on coding expertise.

The light in us honors the light in you...every day of the week, free of charge

All three of our locations offer vinyasa style yoga that emphasizes connecting breath to movement and focuses on safe alignment. People at all experience levels are encouraged to join; modifications are available to accommodate beginners, those with injuries, and those who are pregnant. Mats, bolsters and blocks are all provided at every location for participants' comfort and safety.

Yoga is offered every weekday in our SF, NY and Chicago locations and is mandatory for the first three weeks of each cohort's on-site phase (during Phase 1).

Take a campus tour of our locations to view our yoga spaces and view free, open yoga events here.
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