New Year's Resolutions for Coders

By Emily Moss • December 23, 2016

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New year, new you, right? Launching a new career, learning a new skill, pursuing new goals... now's the time! Using the New Year as a time for a fresh start is no new idea (see: all those new folks at your gym), but there's a reason it appeals. We feel like we have a clean slate and an opportunity to form new habits, plus the support of those around us also pursuing their goals.

So what kinds of new habits can aspiring programmers put into practice in 2017? We asked a few of our alumni their goals, and then game up with a few of our own. You'll see some common threads, including exploring new tech tools & languages (Dev Bootcamp grads never stop learning) and finding more ways to contribute to the community.

John (San Diego), new graduate: "I'm learning React right now, want to get comfortable with Unity early next year!"

Alexis (Chicago), Software Developer at Contactually: "I want to publish my first gem or open source tool in Ruby!"

Ronald (San Francisco), CEO of Hacktiv8: "I want to publish a self made app on the Google Play Store."

Jess (Chicago), Software Engineer at Sprout Social & PyLadies Organizer: "I want to submit responses for 4+ speaking CFPs in 2017 and organize at least 2 PyLadies events per quarter in 2017."

Sam (San Francisco), Software Engineer at HERE: "Complete Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree to better understand how to build autonomous systems, keep up to date with cutting edge technologies, and to expand my network."

Eleni (Chicago), Software Developer at 20Spokes: "Complete one Project Euler challenge per week."


We created a few recommended resolutions for new programmers too, or those looking to beef up their skills heading into the new year. Have you considered:

1. Subscribing to a podcast like CodeNewbie or Greater Than Code? Hear inspiring stories about folks' learning journeys, get tips on new tools and strategies, get exposed to new pockets of the software development industry.

2. Joining a learn-to-code Meetup? Most cities have a variety of user groups that meet up every few weeks to share projects, listen to lightning talks, or co-work. If you curious about a specific framework, like React, find the React Meetup! Looking to jazz up your JavaScrip? Find the JavaScript User Group in your city! Dev Bootcamp often offers free workshops as well, so don't forget to check out our meetup pages!

3. Attending a Conference? There are tons of great conferences for programmers and technologists of all levels, and many of them offer discounts for students or attendees from underrepresented groups in tech. CodeNewbie (see podcast above) is hosting their first conference, Codeland, this year in NYC. We're also big fans of the largest women in tech conference in the country, Grace Hopper, and language specific events like RailsConf.

4. Applying to Dev Bootcamp? Dev Bootcamp is a compact, efficienct, collaborative way to develop coding skills that are ready for the real world. Our curriculum includes hands-on challenges and group projects that help you envision what it's really like to work as a software developer, while being supported by a peer group, passionate instructors, and a full-time career services team.


What are your New Year coding resolutions? Tweet @devbootcamp and we'll share our favorites!


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