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By Dev Bootcamp • May 08, 2017

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The impact of an educational environment on the long-term success of its students cannot be underestimated — the environment is as crucial as the strength of the curriculum or the quality of its instructors. That’s why it’s so important to factor in culture fit when considering a short-term development bootcamp. When you’re learning as much as we teach in just 18 weeks, it’s imperative to be in an educational environment that’s optimized for your learning style.

At Dev Bootcamp, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our educational environment, and it shows: Talk with an alumni, and you’ll most likely hear that there’s something special about the Dev Bootcamp experience. We hear time and time again from the employers who hire our graduates that there’s something unique about Dev Bootcamp grads, something that gives them an edge over the competition. Our graduates are diverse folks, but tend to have a few key characteristics in common:


You work best when you have the opportunity to collaborate with others. As the saying goes, you haven’t really mastered a skill until you can explain it to someone else. In our immersive program, you’ll work side by side with other driven students; pair programming to master concepts faster and understand them better than you would if you were learning solo.

But collaboration doesn’t just lead to stronger comprehension. It’s one of the tools we use to foster a supportive, nurturing environment that ensures all students are comfortable every step of the way, even when they’re learning something uncomfortably fast, and that they’re continuously motivated by experienced instructors and other students.


You thrive in dynamic environments. At Dev Bootcamp, we don’t spend all day in lecture, or independently watching video tutorials. Walk through a Dev Bootcamp campus on an average day and you’ll see small groups excitedly whiteboarding code, or mapping out an agile process, teams of two intently focused on their monitors, big groups playing board games over lunch, or maybe even a couple folks taking a break to play ping pong or to color. If you’re looking for a traditional classroom structure, you won’t find that here.


You understand that soft skills can be as critical as hard skills in advancing your career. Interpersonal skills, teamwork, and communication are crucial to landing that first great job, and advancing once you’re there. Having the qualifications and knowledge is just one step to securing the dream job — smart job seekers know that personal branding and communication skills can be the differentiating factor when many candidates are well qualified. Furthermore, soft skills can be the difference between those who continually progress, get promoted, and move up the ladder and those who don’t.


During the program, you’ll have workshops and one-on-one sessions with our Career Developers who will arm you with networking strategies, interview tactics, as well as provide guidance on deciding if a potential workplace is a good fit for you, an essential factor in your success and happiness.


You pride yourself on self-awareness, and care about positively contributing to your workplace and community. Dev Bootcamp graduates are passionate, hardworking folks, and are motivated by the vast potential of the tech industry: to solve problems, to create great new things, and to contribute to something that motivates and inspires them. Dev Bootcamp graduates understand the human side of software development, and this results in smarter, more efficient products, as well as higher performing teams.

Since our founding, we’ve integrated a focus on diversity and inclusion into our student experience, our operating practices, and our community partnerships. At Dev Bootcamp, you’ll find yourself among others who care about creating a diverse and inclusive environment on our campuses and in the tech community at large.  

You know that the beauty is in the journey, not just the destination. People who thrive in our program — and subsequently, the tech workplace — love the process of learning and solving problems. Whether you spend an hour, a day, or a full week on cracking a problem open and developing a solution, the thrill of learning and mastering new things is what drives you, and you’re always looking for more complicated problems to solve. You don’t mind the moments when you’re stumped, in fact you learn to relish them, because it means you’ve got an opportunity to learn something, to find a way to break through to the side of the known.


At Dev Bootcamp, what makes us different — aside from being a pioneer in our industry — is the level of care and thought that goes into how we teach what we teach, and the type of environment we create for students. This lifelong community is one thing we’re really proud of — and what our graduates say contributed most to their success.

But don’t take our word for it. Schedule a tour at a Dev Bootcamp campus near you. Your future in tech in waiting.

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