A Coding Bootcamp Should Do More Than Help You Learn JavaScript (or Any Other Language)

By Dev Bootcamp • December 06, 2016


For those of you still deciding on the right bootcamp or if you have a friend or loved one in the midst of making that decision, our Director of Curriculum, Steven Harms, shares some advice with you.

In this article published in EdTech Digest, Steven describes why your bootcamp choice should be based on more than just the program's support of a single language, framework or technique and why Dev Bootcamp focuses foremost on the foundational skills every developer needs to produce great products. "Hiring managers care less that a new developer has mastered a specific language and more about an applicant’s ability to reason using programming principles, to understand and communicate the theory of programming languages, and to work outside of a pattern."

Steven goes on to share other qualities (beyond curriculum) that you should consider about the program before applying, including career support and an accessible, inclusive environment. Read the full article to get all of Steven's pro decision-making tips.

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