DBC Instructors Share Tips on How to Pass the Technical Job Interview

By Dev Bootcamp • May 19, 2017

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After graduating from coding bootcamp, it's time to apply your new programming skills in a technical role. What's the difference between a traditional and tech interview? What are recruiters looking for in a candidate? In a panel interview with Course Report, Dev Bootcamp instructors Mark Siemers and Anil Kulkarni discuss what to expect and how to prepare for a technical job interview:

"Unlike an interview for a job outside of tech, where you may talk about the things you already know, a technical interview isn’t as much about the 'right' answer. Rather, it’s about your thought process, how you approach problems and how you work with a team. As an engineer, you spend a lot of your day not knowing the right answer, but finding your way to it. Technical interviews are trying to suss that out." — Anil Kulkarni, Instructor at Dev Bootcamp Seattle

Read the full article or watch the video Q&A here.


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