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We are heartened by the outpouring of support from our alumni community and the inspiring stories of individual success that you have shared with us. We’re sharing just a few of those stories below.

We are grateful to have positively impacted so many people over the last five years in ways that go beyond learning to code. We are proud of the supportive and committed community of alumni that will remain alive and strong. Continue to collaborate and create with curiosity and passion. Take pride in your work; you earned it. As always, make beautiful and meaningful things.

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“DBC has completely and utterly transformed my experience of and place in this world. Going through a program that both kicks your ass academically and pushes you to be a better and kinder human was an absolute gift. I love all of you in this community so much and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been a part of this in the few years that it existed.”

Lauren scott

Foxes 2014

“DBC changed my life and I am eternally grateful for having experienced it. I hold the people and the memories so close to my heart and I am so grateful for the lessons and skills you all took part in helping develop in me. I love my new career, I cannot imagine where I would be had it not been for DBC.”

Katie meyer

Sea Lions 2016

Dbc community 2

“To me, it wasn't about the coding. The difference between online learning and this experience was the power of community. When I fell down, I saw others fall down too, but they got up. They admitted mistakes, fixed them, and kept moving. So I got up. I kept moving. We shared our times of troubles openly because that's the way to improve. We learned to remove shame from our vocabulary and to believe in one another through the bumps in the road. It's hard not to try harder when everyone else around you is motivated. Not through competition like traditional education, but through solidarity and genuine, honest motivation.”

Kevin serrano

Sea Lions 2016

"Attending Dev Bootcamp is the best decision I've ever made, it totally altered the trajectory of my career and I'm happier and more fulfilled as a result. I'm not sure I would have been able to make the switch from consulting to software engineering without DBC."

Jason benn

Foxes 2013

“DBC was literally the best decision I ever made. I've been in love with my career ever since, and I will be traveling the world working remotely for my amazing employer. The skills and network I gained here were a huge part of why it's all been possible.”

Steven harlow

Purple Martins 2013

“At 40, I learned how to code and it changed my life. Thanks Dev Bootcamp for making it possible.” #grateful #goodlife #anythingispossible

Gina krieb

Wolves 2014

“I was not a student, but my husband was. I cannot thank Dev Bootcamp enough for helping him achieve his goals and create a new life for us. We've always told people how wonderful your program is and recommended it to anyone interested. You will be missed!”


Pocket Gophers 2015

“If Dev Bootcamp ever taught me anything, it’s that failure isn’t final. It’s a process. This isn’t the end for any of the wonderful students or staff who passed through. It’s an integral part of our collective story that we will use to inform our future successes. And failures. And everything in between.”

Jess unrein

Foxes 2014

“Whenever I talk to someone about my DBC experience, I always make it clear it was simultaneously the best and hardest thing I've ever done for myself. My work with DBC in 2015 made me a better person, personally and professionally, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity.”

Elizabeth blackburn

Sea Lions 2015

Dbc community 3

“I remember DBC as the first point in my life where I really took charge of my own path and ‘destiny’ - it’s an addictive feeling!”

Helin shiah

Mantises 2014

Dbc community 4

“Dev Bootcamp literally changed my life. I love what I do now, in the cliche "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" kind of way. And what I learned about Emotional Intelligence has benefited me in literally every aspect of my life. Thanks for the education, the love, the support, the growth, and the inspiration. Dev Bootcamp may be winding down its classes, but it will live on in those of us who attended.”

Cari westbrook

Fiddler Crabs 2015

Dbc community 1

“If I had not gone to DBC, I would not be where I am in life, with the friends that I made, and the job that I do. Looking back at my last two years, the experiences, connections made and learning opportunities at DBC were priceless.”

Kelvin gann

Dragonflies 2015

"Teaching at DBC changed my life — I met so many amazing people while finding my voice in an intimidating industry. DBC lended me a lot of courage before I figured out how to muster my own. I'll always be grateful, and my students will continue to experience DBC's legacy even if they don't always realize it.”

Jen gilbert