Our Engineering Empathy (EE) curriculum addresses the human side of software development and helps employees work more effectively and collaboratively together. Engineering Empathy offers a hybrid model of asynchronous curriculum and videos, live workshops and guided discussions that promote personal development, diversity, inclusion and emotional intelligence.

The program enables participants to:

  • Navigate conflict constructively
  • Address issues that obstruct team productivity
  • Develop an inclusive company culture
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Foster Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is a competitive advantage for any organization — and a strong focus for Dev Bootcamp. Yet despite committing to diversity and inclusion, many organizations have found that establishing and maintaining a truly inclusive work culture is elusive. Dev Bootcamp has a strong commitment to promoting diversity in technology. Our EE curriculum helps participants begin a meaningful dialogue and dissolve barriers to a truly inclusive workplace. Through structured workshops with skilled facilitators, participants learn a framework for understanding bias and practice communication tools to break past issues that divide teams.

Open Communications Channels

Software development requires a lot of feedback — between team members and key stakeholders. Yet most people have difficulty giving and receiving feedback. Our program gives participants a shared language so they develop the courage to communicate openly with one another. Participants also cultivate the ability to be open-minded, to see alternate perspectives and to share a mutual vulnerability.

Offer Personal Development

Identity has many layers for every individual. Engineering Empathy begins with an understanding of how we see ourselves and offers personal development strategies. We work with teams to develop social awareness, assertiveness and self-awareness.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Research proves that emotional intelligence — our ability to connect and relate with people — can be learned. Our program develops good communicators who are socially and personally aware. We give participants the tools they need to navigate difficult conversations and to tackle issues like the imposter syndrome and implicit bias.

Creating an inclusive work culture photo
Current Workshop

Creating an Inclusive Work Culture

This workshop explores implicit bias and oppression, privilege and allyship through the lens of empathy to create both diverse and inclusive organizations. During the session teams work together to:

  • Learn a shared language to facilitate more effective dialogues on bias, structural oppression, and microaggressions.
  • Develop strategies to identify exclusionary behaviors, policies and cultural norms.
  • Learn (and practice) methods for interrupting microaggressions and exclusionary behavior with a structured feedback framework.
  • Identify how to be more effective allies to marginalized people within their organization.
Navigating difficult conversations photo
Current Workshop

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Communication is complicated, but we’ve developed tools to help. During this session participants:

  • Discuss the value of giving and internalizing feedback
  • Learn (and practice) ways to give effective feedback
  • Approach difficult conversations in the spirit of collaboration
  • Feel empowered to navigate conflict
  • Understand their own and other’s emotional needs and viewpoints to arrive at a resolution

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