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Corporate Engineering Empathy

We developed our Engineering Empathy curriculum (also known as EE) to enhance the learning environment for our students. By addressing the human side of software development, we help students work more effectively and collaboratively with others.

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Based on our proven model of soft skills training, our corporate EE program is designed to help organizations promote personal development, inclusion and emotional intelligence.

The issues that we tackle —implicit bias, privilege, allyship, communication and feedback—are as pertinent in organizations as they are in the classroom.

Our corporate Engineering Empathy program is a structured, workshop style program delivered by trained facilitators.

The program offers your team:

  • Tools to navigate difficult conversations
  • Strategies to address issues that prohibit team productivity
  • The ability to foster a diverse and inclusive company culture

Why We Teach Empathy

The most successful products are built by engaged and creative teams that are able to integrate a diverse set of voices throughout the development process. We believe that empathy is a driver of meaningful connection, and the key component in creating inclusive, open and collaborative cultures.

Ee 1

You don't have to agree with someone, but you can understand where they're coming from and why.

Ee 2

A beginner’s mindset. The willingness to suspend certainty and being “right” in order to truly understand another person’s experience.

Ee 3

The ability to experience empathy, and “feel with” someone, without taking on their emotions as your own.

Ee 4

A willingness to internalize the feedback you’re given because you understand that it’s shared from a place of commitment and concern.

Our Engineering Empathy curriculum takes these core principles and funnels them into discussions of social identity, implicit bias, microaggressions, and self-awareness.

How We Teach Empathy

Workshops are hosted at your company with a max of 25 attendees per session. Each session is moderated by two facilitators, trained by Dev Bootcamp, that lead participants through a guided discussion and a series of exercises.


Creating an Inclusive Work Culture

This EE program tackles the topics of institutional bias and oppression, privilege, and allyship through the lens of empathy to create both diverse and inclusive organizations. Teams will leave the conversation with:

  • a framework for understanding bias and oppression
  • a common language to talk about microaggressions and other social identity based phenomena
  • strategies and techniques to combat these issues in
the future

Navigating difficult conversations

Communication is complicated, but we’ve developed tools to help! During this session participants:

  • discuss the value of giving and internalizing feedback
  • learn (and practice) a powerful framework to give effective feedback
  • approach difficult conversations in the spirit of collaboration
  • feel empowered to navigate conflict
  • understand their own and other’s emotional needs and viewpoints to arrive at a resolution

Let us know if you're interested in Engineering Empathy.