Immersive Web Development Curriculum

Technology changes constantly — that’s why we teach multiple languages and frameworks, including Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, HTML and CSS, SQL as well as techniques to learn new programming languages quickly and effectively. Our program prepares you to be a full stack web developer. You’ll learn:

Our progressive teaching approach and effective curriculum cultivates exceptional technical proficiency in tandem with deft interpersonal skills. Our curriculum sequence and skills map, optimized over four years with input from employers and thousands of students, prepares our graduates for jobs in or adjacent to full stack web development.

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Gain practical experience

We continue to refine our map of technical skills and competencies to prepare our grads for the job market.

Our web development program is a hands-on, interactive learning environment where you will be guided by full time instructors who are passionate about helping students master the principles of software development. Students are rarely in lectures or drill and memorize situations. You will learn by solving coding challenges solo or in pairs and engage in group projects.

You’ll also take part in frequent assessments to check comprehension – and you’ll have the opportunity to repeat a phase, if necessary, to prove mastery. With its daily dose of mentorship and peer-to-peer learning support, it’s our community of learning that students say is so powerful – both during and after the program.

How we teach

Erica P.

Alumni of Dev Bootcamp

“Getting through DBC and landing my dream job proved it’s possible to fail and not be a failure. That little bit of struggle to get through DBC is all it took to find out what it was I was good at, push my limits and see how far I can take myself. Turns out, it’s limitless.”

Practice working in teams

A technical project’s success depends upon team dynamics as well as technical ability — fostering both skill sets sets you apart.

Video empathy

Our program is a highly collaborative learning experience where you build the teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills that are essential to successful, high performing teams. You will hone these skills through daily pair programming, regular group projects, and weekly Engineering Empathy seminars, which focus on the the human side of software development. This practical combination of technical and interpersonal training is frequently cited by alumni and employers as an important learning outcome of the Dev Bootcamp experience and one that distinguishes Dev Bootcamp graduates from those of other coding programs.