Diversity & Inclusion at Dev Bootcamp

Expanding access is core to Dev Bootcamp’s mission. We enable people from all backgrounds to learn to code and pursue careers in technology. We believe diversity in teams accelerates innovation, resulting in better technology for everyone.

More importantly, by cultivating a more diverse and inclusive learning environment, we hope to widen the pipeline of talent, expand career opportunities, and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

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Our Student Body

We think transparency is key to improving diversity in technology. That's why we're pleased to share granular data about the diverse makeup of our student body.


28% of DBC students identified as women, trans or non-binary. By contrast, only 19% of tech teams at the world's top tech companies identified as women, and people who identify outside of the gender binary aren't usually counted at all.

Race & Ethnicity

22% of DBC students identified as members of racial/ethnic communities underrepresented in tech.

  • 9.9% Latinx
  • 5.8% Black / African-American
  • 4.2% Multi-racial (including at least one underrepresented group)
  • 1.3% Hawaiian / Pacific Islander
  • 0.5% Native American / Alaskan Native

Only 10% of employees in tech teams at some of the world’s top tech companies come from underrepresented communities.

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Our Progress

From the start of 2016 to the end of the year, DBC students identifying as members of racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in tech grew from 19% to 31%.

DBC data: Dev Bootcamp student enrollment data, total year 2016. // Tech Industry: Data collected from most recent, published diversity reports from Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Google, PayPal, Twitter, and Uber.

We still have a long way to go, but we’re excited by our progress so far and motivated to continue moving forward with the active input of our students, teachers and staff.

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Our Approach

We live in a diverse world, so we strive for our organization to reflect the diversity of our population at large. We also recognize diversity encompasses identity as well as differences of opinions, perspectives and backgrounds. Here’s how we’re getting there.

Adopting a Code of Conduct

The Dev Bootcamp Code of Conduct summarizes our values and provides the model for how our staff, students and guests interact with each other in our physical and online spaces.

Innovating With Curriculum

Our Engineering Empathy seminars help Dev Bootcamp students thrive in a diverse work environment. By understanding how to become an ally, students can co-create an inclusive culture at Dev Bootcamp and in the tech community at large.

Mitigating Hidden Biases

We’re committed to identifying and mitigating unconscious bias in our teaching practices and work policies to ensure everyone enjoys a positive and successful experience at Dev Bootcamp.

Continuous Iteration

Diversity and inclusion is easy to talk about and difficult to accomplish. As we listen to different perspectives and take new backgrounds into account, we change how we work, interact, and teach. We prioritize supporting underrepresented groups over maintaining our routines.

Alumni derrick c

My Dev Bootcamp experience is defined by community. I worked every day with highly-motivated learners and mentors that I quickly came to consider friends. Every day, I added several new programming and development concepts to my toolbox. I expected to I'd learn to program, but I was surprised how much I grew my skills in cutting through a jungle of unknowns and in being a great teammate.

— Derrick C.

Alumni arlene p

The Facebook F8 scholarship and Dev Bootcamp have given me the opportunity to explore the beauty of tech and the amazing things that you can create with code. If it weren't for the scholarship and DBC, I would not be working for NBCUniversal as a software engineer and my dream of being a software developer would be [no] more than a dream. [As] a first-generation college student, it's programs like these that give hope to many that anyone can learn code

— Arlene P.

Alumni teresa m

For so long I was plagued by imposter syndrome since I didn't have a CS degree. Dev Bootcamp helped me let that go permanently … I'm good at what I do, I know what I want, and I'm done doubting myself.

— Teresa M.

Expanding Diversity via Scholarships

Since day one, Dev Bootcamp has forged partnerships with community organizations who share our focus on diversity and inclusion.

To date, DBC and its partners have committed over $2 million in scholarships.

We also partner actively with groups who promote a more diverse tech workforce.

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