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Diversity & Inclusion at Dev Bootcamp

Dev Bootcamp is committed to creating a supportive, inclusive learning environment and company culture that cultivates diversity and embraces a wide variety of perspectives and backgrounds. As a company, we place an emphasis on supporting historically underrepresented and marginalized groups in the tech industry.

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We live in a diverse world and we strive for our organization to reflect the relative diversity of our population at large. We are particularly focused on communities who have been historically underrepresented in technology.

We’re diligent and pragmatic about how we invite diversity and create an inclusive environment inside our space, which we hope in turn will influence a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. Three values underpin our approach: Transparency, Allyship, and Compromise.

Transparency, Allyship, and Compromise

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We are open about our progress towards these goals and truthful about how we’re trying to get there. We’re very excited with the progress we’ve made so far and are motivated to continue moving forward with our creation of a diverse environment.

  • Partnered with over 40 community organizations
  • Awarded $750,000 in diversity scholarships
  • Delivered $500,000 in community sponsorships
  • Hired a Director of Diversity
  • Engaged 25 cross-functional diversity team contributors
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We practice allyship by listening to the needs of marginalized people and communities and working with our partners to amplify their voices and their work.

We have partnered with #yeswecode, the White House’s TechHire initiative, Facebook’s F8 conference, Coding Corps, Lesbians Who Tech, and BrainTree to award over $1 million worth of scholarships, which have opened pathways to careers in technology to women and underrepresented racial groups.

To become a community partner of Dev Bootcamp, email us at diversity_partnerships@devbootcamp.com.

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Diversity and inclusion is easy to talk about and much more difficult to accomplish. As we listen to different perspectives and take new backgrounds into account, we make changes to the way we work, the way we interact, and the way we teach. We prioritize supporting underrepresented groups over complacent routine and find compromises that enable us to work together towards our diversity goals.

Adopting a Code of Conduct

The Dev Bootcamp Community Code summarizes our values and is the model for how our staff, students and guests interact with each other in our physical and online spaces.

Innovating With Curriculum

Our Engineering Empathy seminars are designed enable Dev Bootcamp students thrive in a diverse work environment. By understanding how to become an ally, students can take part in creating an inclusive culture at Dev Bootcamp and in the tech community at large.

Eliminating Hidden Biases

We’re committed to identifying and then eliminating unconscious bias in our teaching practices and work policies to ensure that all students and employees enjoy a positive and successful experience during their time at Dev Bootcamp.

Evolving our Hiring Practices

We’re making a conscious effort to expand our talent pipeline by building strong ties to conferences, colleges and universities, meetups, and professional organizations that support underrepresented in technology.

If you would like support on rolling out diversity and inclusion initiatives at your company or want to become a Dev Bootcamp partner, email our Diversity team at diversity_partnerships@devbootcamp.com.

Diversity Partnerships

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