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Does Dev Bootcamp have tests or final exams? What if I don’t pass?

We administer phasely assessments to ensure students are on track with the curriculum. This is a highly cumulative process, so we need to make sure the foundation is strong before we add more information on top of it. These challenges are “open book.” You can look at notes, use Google, and ask instructors clarifying questions, but you have to submit your own solutions.

After submitting your code, you will receive a code review from your instructor. Our goal is make sure you understand enough material to move on to the next phase. If you don’t pass the assessment, you can repeat the Phase at no extra cost. You can repeat Phase 1 and Phase 2 one time each, and if you don’t pass the the second time, you will be asked to leave the program and will receive a partial refund. Here is more information about our refund policy.

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