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What makes Fundamentals of Web Development different from other courses?

Our course is specifically designed for students with no prior coding experience - and the curriculum reflects this. This class can be taken as a preparation for an immersive bootcamp, and it will serve those students well, it also is appropriate for people who have no current plans to attend an immersive bootcamp and just want a strong development foundation.

It’s online and part-time, so you don’t need to disrupt your life to take it - you fit it into your schedule when you can. It’s guided and collaborative - so you are sure to finish the course and enjoy the process of learning with others.

As with all Dev Bootcamp classes, we teach both technical skills and life skills - like how to finesse difficult conversations, give and receive feedback well. Additionally, our instructors have formidable real-world experience as developers, but are also trained educators who are passionate about teaching the next generation of developers.

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