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When I graduate from Dev Bootcamp, what will I be able to do?

After completing the program, a student is expected to:

  • Be able to effectively use core data structures such as Arrays, Hashes, Strings in Ruby
  • Be able to model real world scenarios using Object Oriented Design Principles
  • Be able to persist data to a Relational Database using SQL and use Ruby to interact with the Databases
  • Be able to respond to HTTP requests using the Sinatra web framework
  • Be able to use HTML and CSS to layout web pages
  • Be able to apply JavaScript interactive behavior to web pages including asynchronous requests to web servers
  • Be able to use best practices for authenticating users (password encryption)
  • Be able to interact with third party applications using the OAuth protocol 26
  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in the Ruby on Rails web framework
  • Be able to identify performance pitfalls of web applications and corresponding means of correcting them
  • Be able to write unit and integration tests with RSpec
  • Be able to test JavaScript with Jasmine
  • Be able to identify technical tradeoffs when selecting third party libraries
  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency with Git
  • Be able to work in Agile development environments
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