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Who will my cohort mates be?

Common backgrounds of Fundamentals of Web Development students: there isn’t a common background! Students learn with other students from all across the country, from all different professional backgrounds, ages, and skill sets. We’ve taught Project Managers, Salespeople, Teachers, Recruiters, Designers, CEOs and many more. The common trait our students share is a drive to learn to code, the desire to stay relevant in today’s economy, and the desire to gain both a new outlook on solving problems and technical skills to contribute to their teams.

Some of your cohort mates have enrolled for our 18-week immersive Bootcamp experience. You will interact with them just like you would with any other cohort mate, but they will be continuing after Fundamentals of Web Development to one of our physical locations for another 9 weeks of full-time, on-site learning and career preparation.

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