Fundamentals of Web Development

Fundamentals is a 9 week, online, part-time software development course designed specifically for beginners.

Decode Software Development

9 Weeks | 15-25 Hours per week
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Learn anywhere – all you need is a high-speed internet connection.

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20 hours a week – you set the schedule.

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Stay motivated – work with other learners.

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Structured classes and instructor support mean you will finish.

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Curriculum is designed for students with no coding experience.

What You'll Learn

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WEEK 1: Using Your Computer as a Developer



WEEK 4: Introduction to Coding in Ruby

WEEK 5: Data Structures in Ruby

WEEK 6: Classes and Objects in Ruby

WEEK 7: Coding in JavaScript

WEEK 8: SQL and Databases

WEEK 9: Pulling it All Together + Final Project

Meet Graduates from Fundamentals

Priyanka saigal circle

Priyanka Saigal

Graduate, Cicadas 2015

“With self-teaching, you feel like you start to get stuck. At Dev Bootcamp you have a structured environment with other people who are going through the same challenges you are—that really helps with the learning process."

Christopher mark circle

Christopher Mark

Graduate, Bobolinks 2015

“It was good getting to know the people in my cohort—it simulated a real work environment because you had to deal with a lot of different personalities. I like how DBC prepares you for that right away."

Meet the Team

Lucas willet circle

Lucas Willett

Director of Fundamentals of Web Development

Lucas is an experienced software developer who has worked with startups and Fortune 1000 companies both in the US and in his home country, Australia. Lucas was a software engineer at Groupon before joining Dev Bootcamp as a teacher in August 2014. He believes Dev Bootcamp helps students amaze themselves and others, and he believes every student has this potential to amaze.

Glenna mowry

Glenna Mowry

Virtual Instructor

Glenna Mowry is a Phase 0 Advisor at Dev Bootcamp. Before transitioning to development, she worked in education and non-profit management, where she spent years working in schools tutoring students, managing AmeriCorps members, and building partnerships with school leaders on the south and west sides of Chicago. She graduated from Dev Bootcamp, and after working as a software engineer, she came back to Dev Bootcamp to combine her dev skills with her teaching and managing background. She organizes an annual charity shopping cart race in Chicago, holds a BA in International Politics and History from a university in Germany, and plays D&D in her spare time.

Andrew larson

Andrew Larson

Virtual Instructor

Andrew Larson is one of the Phase 0 Cohort Leads at Dev Bootcamp. He is an alumni from the 2014 Nighthawks, who began his programming career after graduation as a Jr. Developer for Select Rehabilitation, a Chicago based Healthcare company. During his stay at this awesome company, he also worked part-time for Dev Bootcamp as a Guide, a role parallel to a teaching assistant. Development and teaching became his focus so upon hearing the opportunity to become a Phase 0 Cohort Lead, he jumped on board and has been here since the beginning of January 2016. Life outside of tech and education resolves around the same principles; hands-on challenges with cool rewards, namely cooking and strategy based games.

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Tracy teague

Tracy Teague

Virtual Instructor

Tracy graduated from Providence College with a B.A. in Psychology, and then moved to Australia for six months, working as a fund-raiser. After returning to the US, Tracy worked primarily in the administrative field at two NY universities.Not feeling challenged, Tracy sought to pursue a new field that was creative and constantly evolving - which led her to find her new interest in and love for coding! She attended DBC in NYC and graduated as a Sea Lion in April of 2015, and worked as a part-time Interviewer for prospective candidates. As DBC played a huge role in her life, she ultimately decided that she wanted continue to support its mission and values full-time as the Lead Interviewer and Phase 0 Guide Leader.

Emmanuel kaunitz

Emmanuel Kaunitz

Virtual Instructor

Emmanuel Kaunitz is a Phase 0 Advisor at Dev Bootcamp. He has had many jobs over his life, and found a way to teach in all of them. Working at Dev Bootcamp has been a constant reminder that anyone is capable of accomplishing great achievements if given the resources and opportunity. When not working with Phase 0 students Emmanuel is fencing, being bad at video games, or watching cooking documentaries on Netflix.

Tyler keating

Tyler Keating

Virtual Instructor

Tyler Keating is a Phase 0 Advisor at Dev Bootcamp. As a DBC Alum, Tyler's journey into software development began while training as a Chef. Interest grew from seeking better solutions for restaurant Point of Sales software. Before returning to Dev Bootcamp as a staff member, he worked as a consultant developer building large scale incident and resource management applications for globally acting clients. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Montana State University and enjoys researching Net Neutrality policy landscapes.