A NEW AGE OF TECH HIRING: The History and Future of Coding Bootcamps

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We’re seeing an evolution of the bootcamp education model – both on the student training and corporate sides. Bootcamps and employers must work to continue strengthening their relationships as the need for diverse tech talent isn’t going away. The bootcamp industry will be an important part of the technology ecosystem for years to come as employers seek to shift from being talent consumers to talent producers, and we look forward to tracking and celebrating those organizations working every day to make a meaningful impact.

Tarlin Ray,
President of Dev Bootcamp

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With our final cohort graduated, Dev Bootcamp now turns all our attention to connecting these graduates with jobs and completing our mission to create greater access to technical careers for students of all backgrounds. In these final months, we reflect on the exciting journey and the legacy we leave behind that will continue to impact the lives of our more than 3,500 alumni. Take a look at some of our key moments interwoven with milestones that impacted the evolution of our industry and paved the way for bootcamps to continue changing how companies connect with non-traditional talent.

As companies across industries look to address the growing tech skills gap, bootcamps emerge.

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WIRED releases State of the IT Skills Gap report showing a 42% increase in skills gap since 2010.

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Course Report launches the first industry market study. New bootcamps emerge reaching 9 total.

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Dev Bootcamp launches as first immersive coding bootcamp in the summer, graduating the first cohort later the same year.

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Bootcamps continue to gain momentum in producing proficient, diverse graduates and others take notice.

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The number of bootcamp grads increases 178% from 2013 to 2014.


President Obama‘s TechHire initiative pledges $100M to support tech hiring and introduces the Educational Quality through Innovative Partnerships program.

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Bootcamps graduate 16,056 students this year.



Dev Bootcamp expands to Seattle, Austin — joining San Francisco, Chicago, New York, San Diego campuses.

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Kaplan acquires Dev Bootcamp.

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#YesWeCode commits $10M to fund scholarships for underrepresented communities in tech. Dev Bootcamp joins, pledging $450,000 in scholarships.

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Dev Bootcamp partners with Facebook to offer $250K in scholarships for diverse communities and with Lesbians Who Tech to offer $200K in scholarships to LGBTQ women.

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Employers recognize the value and quality of bootcamp grads and rethink training practices, partner with bootcamps to develop apprenticeship programs for non-traditional talent.

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Indeed survey finds 80% of employers have hired a coding bootcamp graduate for a tech role and 99.8% say they would do so again.

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The White House issues executive order to expand apprenticeships to train people for millions of unfilled jobs.

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Dev Bootcamp partners with Adobe Digital Academy to offer full-tuition scholarships and apprenticeships for underrepresented groups in tech, works closely with other employers to build and fill apprenticeship programs.

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The number of Dev Bootcamp students in racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in tech grows from 19% to 31%. DBC Access Fund launches to provide 24 diversity scholarships to continue to grow this number.

What's next:
Dev Bootcamp's legacy and the opportunity that lies ahead.

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There are almost 100 coding bootcamps in the US and an estimated 22,949 developers will graduate in 2017, a 10X growth since 2012. Dev Bootcamp alone has graduated more than 3,000 skilled developers over 5 years.

A greater opportunity for hiring managers to cooperate with bootcamps on sourcing, training, and retraining diverse tech talent.

78% believe their company's current way of assessing junior developers' technical skills during the hiring process needs improvement.*

83% believe junior developers who are first trained in apprenticeship programs typically stay longer at a company than those who are not.*

* Dev Bootcamp surveyed 500 US hiring decision makers and found that more employers are recognizing that the standard methods of hiring are outdated and the majority of employers are now turning to alternative ways to find talent.