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Located in the West Loop, our coding class in Chicago convenes in a brand new campus, offering a comfortable learning community where you will learn full stack web development skills and tactics to launch your career in technology.

Dev Bootcamp
1033 W. Van Buren Street, 3rd Fl
Chicago, IL 60607

Tours offered Mondays and Tuesdays from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Fridays from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

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Our Staff

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Alyssa Diaz


Alyssa has been a software developer since 2002, and was bitten by the teaching bug in 2011. She joined Dev Bootcamp in May 2013 after teaching with Girl Develop It for two years. Throughout her career she has worked in primarily Java, Ruby and JavaScript and spent many years at Nationwide Insurance in Ohio. Alyssa loves solving problems and figuring out how to make things work, but not just software problems. She is a Jane of many trades and loves to sew, metalsmith, cook, and get her hands dirty on the next cool thing she can get passionate about.

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Matt Baker


Originally self-taught, Matt went on to earn a degree in computer science, allowing him to provide the perspective and lessons of both a self-driven learner and a student of C.S. He joined Dev Bootcamp in January 2014, and finds the intellectual challenge of helping others become junior engineers to match that of the hardest software problems. Dev Bootcamp has allowed Matt to bring together his passions for people, growth, education and technology. Prior to teaching, Matt was a software engineer at Wealthfront and Click Commerce.

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Duke Greene


Following his graduation from DBC Chicago in the fall of 2014, Duke discovered an untapped passion when he joined us as a temporary junior teacher during his job search. Since then, Duke has grown into a full teaching role, while drawing on his own DBC experience to help students handle the technical and emotional demands of our program. When he's not teaching, you can find Duke cooking yummy food with his wife, catching Pokémon with his daughter, or mashing up lyrical rap with acoustic folk as he figures out how to keep his first love - music! - burning as brightly as his new one.

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Ellie Poley


Ellie is excited to be teaching in an environment where students and teachers grow both as technologists and as empathetic humans. Before teaching at DBC, Ellie worked as a software developer at Adobe in Seattle, specializing in iOS apps and user experience. She also taught AP Computer Science at Rainier Beach High School, as a TEALS volunteer. She received a B.A. in Computer Science and miscellaneous liberal artsy things from Knox College in 2010. Ellie lives in Edgewater with her wife and their little old mutt, Ruby. She spends her spare time riding bikes, cooking, camping, watching films, and supporting social justice organizing.

Avner Shanan


Avner joined DBC in June 2016 and is excited by the opportunity to help people grow into being good software developers. As a software engineer in Chicago Avner worked for a wide variety of companies and domains -- from a small downtown consulting firm and fast growing start ups to massive multinationals, working in everything from event scheduling for small Chicago venues to building Big Data analytics platforms. When he's not teaching you can find him cooking with his wife, brewing beer with his brothers and playing complicated boardgames.

Naomi David

Community Marketing Manager

Naomi is the Community Marketing Manager at Dev Bootcamp. She graduated with a degree in International Studies from The Ohio State University and originally hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She's a marketer, "do-gooder", and a people person with an extreme passion for making the world a better place. She loves working at Dev Bootcamp because she has a passion for working with different types of people, learning their stories and strengths, and figuring out how she can help them succeed. On the weekends you’ll catch her cheering on the Buckeyes, trying new restaurants, playing intramural soccer or kickball, and trying to plan her next vacation. She loves to travel and am in constant search of her next adventure!

Katy Martin

Career Developer

Katy is a talent search and talent growth professional with a background in recruiting, learning and development, curriculum development, and hospitality management. Prior to joining the team at Dev Bootcamp, Katy was focused on high-volume recruiting efforts to grow an employee base from 30 to 515 over a one-year span at a prominent technology company. Katy loves creating "light bulb moments" for others in her professional career and watching the growth of those she works with. Katy earned her bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Florida. In her spare time, Katy loves to dance, go running, spend time with her dog, and check out new coffee shops.

Rachel Feigenbaum

Senior Career Developer

Rachel joined Dev Bootcamp in 2014 to help grow the employer network in Chicago. Prior to joining Dev Bootcamp, Rachel worked at a small software consultancy in sales and account management. Rachel was immediately fascinated with the software development industry when she was first shown the power of coding. Driven by her love of the technology industry, Rachel excels at matching hiring companies with the right Dev Bootcamp developers. Outside of work, Rachel loves going on adventures with her mutt, Zep and participating in different types of running and biking races all over the Midwest.

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Molly Owens

Career Developer

Molly joined DBC in the spring of 2016. She is a people professional, specializing in communication, emotional intelligence and learning. Prior to Dev Bootcamp, Molly worked in the sports industry of recruiting, education and international diplomacy at the United States Olympic Committee and U.S. Department of State. She is passionate about helping others find their authentic sense of self and reach their personal goals. She earned her Master's degree in Educational Psychology and undergraduate degree in Psychology from George Mason University in Virginia. When not working, you can find her adventuring Chicago's hidden gems, playing pick-up soccer with friends and making plans to travel around the world.

Where Dev Bootcamp alumni work in Chicago

Trunk club
Underwriters laboratories inc
Pivotal labs
Brads deals
Review trackers
Power reviews

Alumni & Their New Employers

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Adrian Tawardos

Graduated 2014, Chicago

Software Engineer at Time Warner Cable

“I am now at my second programing job, making more money in a career that challenges me, because of Dev Bootcamp. I come from a family that over values traditional education and it makes me really happy to say that my vocational school education put me in a much faster growth pattern than my college degree.”

Jennie C.

Graduated 2014, Chicago

Web developer at Trunk Club

“Learning to code is fun and Dev Bootcamp was a great start. It gave me the jumpstart I needed to begin a life-long process of learning about computers, technology, how they affect communities and how I can contribute.”

Brittney Braxton

Graduated 2016, Chicago

Product Specialist at OpinionLab

"Dev Bootcamp gives you the ability to have more agency and mobility in your career than what most people have when they graduate from college."

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