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Located in the heart of the city’s financial district and close to Lower Manhattan’s tech start-up cluster, our coding bootcamp in New York City offers a comfortable learning community where you will learn full stack web development and the tactics to launch your career in technology.

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Our Staff

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Ryan Jafari

Campus Director

Ryan's worked with web technologies since the debut of the scrolling marquee and animated GIF. Studying at NYU's Courant Institute, he moved from coding for Fortune 500s to building products with startups. Along the way, he became passionate on showing people from all walks of life what technology can bring to their lives. At DBC, he works towards this with teachers each and every day.

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Iuliia Kotlenko


Originally from Ukraine, Iuliia has lived in the United States since 2012 and worked as a system administrator. She is a self-taught developer and believes that her experiences can help students learn more effectively. She has a strong interest in math and especially loves Algorithms. She has lived in Seattle and New York and loves hiking, exploring the United States’ National Parks, and improving her German.

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Debbie Milburn


Debbie grew up in Brooklyn, NY. For college, she attended the Cleveland Institute of Music as a Violin Performance major. After graduating, she realized she loved the analysis and collaboration the violin required, but not the performing. It was then that she discovered coding. So Debbie attended Dev Bootcamp as a 2015 NYC Rock Dove (our chant was "the other white meat") and it was the best decision she ever made. Debbie has worked at a non profit called New Music USA as their Junior Software Engineer, at DBC NYC as a mentor and as a violin teacher.

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Phil Sofia


Phil studied theatre/acting with a focus on improvisation, then moved into the non-profit sector, focusing on administrative and IT issues for a NYS assemblymember, then for his local church. After obtaining an M.Div. he became a pastor. Realizing he did not enjoy leading an organization but would rather focus on technical work, he switched careers to software development. For the past eight months he has been a teaching assistant at DBC NY, which has been rewarding and fun. As an instructor at DBC NY, he enjoys combining his technical skills with teaching and guiding fellow career changers into this exciting field.

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Pan Wangperawong


An educator, engineer and developer Pan Wangperwong came to teaching at DBC out of “a need to give back.” Pan majored in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, where he also found he had a knack for cultivating and fostering communities. He also studied at the University of Edinburgh. Previously, he has worked at startups, educational institutions, Microsoft, Cisco, and NASA. Aside from working in education and technology, you can find Pan biking, cooking, and bringing people together. During college, he was a resident advisor where he established communities and mentored students. He is very excited to continue doing this at Dev Bootcamp.

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Nicole Drummond

Career Developer

Nicole is an experienced human resources professional with a specialization in career planning, coaching, and training alongside performance management. Nicole is a true mentor and thrives best when she's inspiring others. In Nicole's previous role as Head of HR, she created new policies, procedures and implemented best practices, whilst creating and maintaining an awesome workplace culture! Nicole volunteers her time as a mentor in the Society for Human Resource Management NYC motivating the next wave of HR talent. Nicole received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Purdue University and her first job was in the Indiana Legislature. Outside of her career, Nicole enjoys playing video games as much as possible, traveling with her husband, barre fitness class and will forever be on the quest for the perfect veggie burger.

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Melissa Schwartz

Program Manager

Melissa is the Program Manager and Wellness Coordinator at Dev Bootcamp NYC with wellness experience at the community, corporate and individual level. Through this multi-perspective view, she has developed an approach to wellness that strives for more than just being physical fit or eating right, but that aims for creating a long-term and sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Sunny Israni


Sunny built a men’s fashions socks e-commerce company called Zoraab, served as an apprentice for various Rails developers and most notably he, along with his sister, started his own dev and design shop called The Fresh. His firm, The Fresh, has worked with a variety of clients ranging from new start ups to large publicly traded company and provided a wide array of development and design services from building full-stack web applications to providing UX/UI design advisory services. A graduate of DBC San Francisco in 2013, he now back at DBC to continue doing what he loves to do, which is teaching!

Altara Weiland

Senior Career Developer

Altara is a talent search and talent growth professional with a background in recruiting, business development and educational development. Prior to joining the team at Dev Bootcamp, I was a recruiter for the food and beverage industry where I worked with mid-level to c-level professionals to match their talent with dynamic companies. Prior to recruiting, she spent 3.5 years working for Dream Careers, where she was responsible for business development for San Francisco and New York, and was responsible for helping students launch their careers through internships in over 30 industries. She earned my bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Gonzaga University. In her spare time, she loves to travel the world, hang with her friends, eat good food, go on adventures and ride her bike.

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Bie Aweh

Career Developer

Bie is a true Career Developer with a background in student development & higher education, social justice education, and curriculum development. Prior to joining the team at Dev Bootcamp, Bie was a student affairs professional at the University of California, Berkeley where she supported retention and recruitment efforts for historically underserved populations. In addition, Bie's work focused on building stronger pipelines for these students to explore careers in the Silicon Valley and beyond. As a professional, she LOVES supporting others as they realize their full potential, specifically combatting imposter syndrome! Bie earned her bachelor's degree in Political Science andWomen's Studies from the University of New Hampshire, and masters in Social Justice Education and Public Policy from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Because she loves school so much, she most recently completed a certificate in User Experience Design (UX) from UC Berkeley. In her spare time when she is not busy being a lifelong learner, she loves to work out, so you can surely find her in a nearby Crossfit box.

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Rob Kleiman

Community Marketing Manager

Rob Kleiman oversees local community engagement efforts in New York. He comes to the education field with a diverse background in content strategy, event planning, and writing. Having worked in different corners of the marketing industry, from project management to editorial at boutique firms like PSFK, Ideas on Purpose and Pipedrive CRM, he's both documented and helped implement digital transformation tactics. He serves on the Young Professionals Board for the Advertising Club of New York and holds a Bachelor's Degree from American University's School of Communication.

Where Dev Bootcamp alumni work in New York

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Alumni & Their New Employers

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Corey N.

Graduated 2014, New York City

Platform Engineer at Refinery29

"I tell people it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life and one of the best experiences."

Dora P.

Graduated 2015, New York City

DevOps Engineer at NBC Universal

“Websites are something I use on a daily basis but always thought it was too complicated to understand how they really work. Once I made my own ... it was truly a life changing moment.”

Jensen B.

Graduated 2014, New York City

Front End Developer at The Wall St Journal

"It was definitely a great experience that not only unveiled what I can be capable of, but more so the boundless possibilities of what could be created with technology."

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