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Centered within the world’s most dynamic tech economy, Dev Bootcamp San Francisco is located in the heart of the SOMA start-up district and close to the Caltrain station, with easy access to Silicon Valley. We launched the our first coding bootcamp in 2012 with just 20 students. Since then, we have expanded to open campuses in five other cities and have helped thousands of students make the transition into technical jobs. Join us at our coding bootcamp in San Francisco and discover a comfortable learning community where you will learn full stack web development and the tactics to launch your career in technology.

Dev Bootcamp
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Our Staff

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Ken Rettberg


Ken was born in Denver and moved to Walnut Creek when he was 10 years old. He got his degree in Music Education at the University of the Pacific. After working as a musician on a cruise ship immediately after college, Ken began his teaching career in Foster City as a middle school teacher as well as a high school marching band teacher. In 7 years of teaching, Ken taught in Foster City, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Oakland, and Redwood City, as well as St. Mary's College in Moraga, where he was the sports band director. (Go Gaels!) In 2013, Ken decided to attend Dev Bootcamp. After graduation he worked for Teachers' Curriculum Institute ( as a Full- Stack Developer and as the sole developer on the DevOps team, working on their subscription site.

Hunter Chapman


After eight years in the printing industry, Hunter put it all on the line to study at Dev Bootcamp. He is now an experienced full stack developer and started teaching with us in November 2014. Our motto at Dev Bootcamp is 'Make beautiful and meaningful things'. Hunter often says that for him, those things are our students. He wants to be at the forefront of 21st century education, and believes Dev Bootcamp is leading the way. Hunter is also at the forefront of unusual tech – he commutes to work up and down a mountain on an electric unicycle and in 2010 he converted a 1974 VW Bus to all electric drive.

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Shambhavi Sachid


Shambhavi graduated in 2009 with a master's degree in Electronics and Communication from DDU, India. After graduation, she worked at DDU as an Assistant Professor for 3 years. During that time frame, she was involved in teaching various programming courses such as C, C++, and Digital Image Processing. She also mentored BS students in their final year software development projects. Shambhavi completed Dev Bootcamp’s 19-week immersive web development training program to better her development skillset. Because of her previous technical experience and teaching skills, Shambhavi was accepted as a member of the Dev Bootcamp Mentor team upon graduation and, later on, as a full-time instructor.

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Kamrin Klauschie

Senior Career Developer

Kamrin (also known as Kam) joined Dev Bootcamp in 2015 to grow the employer partner network across the Bay Area. Before Dev Bootcamp, she worked at Sama, a San Francisco based non-profit offering digital work and 21st century job training to poor people in the U.S., Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. She was the first Community Manager at AngelHack, the world's largest hackathon competition, where she represented the company across Asia and the Middle East. In 2012, she lived in Hyderabad, India as an IDEX Fellow in Social Enterprise, testing the viability of low cost tablet technologies in schools in slums. She is passionate about working at the intersection of technology, community, and social impact. Kam is the co-founder of TEDxUCIrvine and loves travel, reading, dogs, running, entrepreneurship, and a good game of soccer.

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Sar Warner

Career Developer

As a former high school college access counselor and graduate tutor for Division I student-athletes, Sar's strength has been developing intellectually curious students to bring about creative solutions to difficult problems. To complement her practical knowledge of youth development, curriculum planning, and alternative learning, Sar came to California in 2014 to gain theoretical insight into unique learning models by pursuing an M.A. degree in Education at UC Berkeley. Sar is passionate about applying this combination of theory and practice at DBC by developing empathetic students who are looking to make a significant impact in the tech industry. Outside of work, Sar enjoys solving crossword puzzles, hand lettering, and hiking with her dog, Clementine.

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Anthony Holloway

Career Developer

Anthony's background revolves around social impact investing, employee engagement and community development outreach. Prior to joining Dev Bootcamp, Anthony was focused on providing non-profits, minority & women owned enterprises and charter schools with capital to grow their businesses through direct investments and partnerships with strategic 3rd parties. He loves embracing his inner geek and making things that excite him. Anthony is most interested in answering the question, "How might we all make our work more fulfilling?" Anthony earned a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics from Rutgers University. In his spare time, he likes to cook and enjoy amazing food, listen to 90's hip-hop, lift heavy weights, and explore nature.

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Lauren Vang

Community Marketing Manager

Lauren is a growth strategist, helping organizations increase performance through multidisciplinary roles, having worked in marketing, business development, and SaaS sales. She enjoys the complexity of understanding the client and customer need to find solutions that help competitive organizations drive leads, sales, and product adoption.

With experiences in the professional education industry and excelling in tech sales, Lauren brings a healthy perspective to help Dev Bootcamp reach prospective students and partners within the tech community. Lauren holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of the Pacific and an M.B.A in International Business from San Francisco State University and the Central European University.

As a travel enthusiast, Lauren has traveled to over 20+ countries, making it to five of the seven continents, much of it as a solo female traveler--chasing after adventures and faraway cultures.

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Mark Stewart

Software Developer Instructor

Mark is a web developer with a fascination for science, science communication, and interaction design. He studied computer science and biochemistry in college and then spent several years freelancing writing Rails apps for small businesses before taking a position as an instructor at Dev Bootcamp.

He thinks technology will probably save or doom us all, and in the effort to nudge the probability space closer to "saving us all", he tries to write decent code, support diversity and social justice in tech, and energetically frown at people who use the word "disruption" more than they use the word "ethical".

In his free time, he hikes, attempts to commit to musical instruments, feels feelings about things, and silently guesses who uses Tumblr based on their word and spelling choices.

James Bomotti

Software Developer Instructor

James came from a legal background working for the Marin County Public Defender’s Office. While he enjoyed getting to help people who were at a low point in their life, working for the government, and the lack of innovation that came with it, wore on him.

After hearing about DBC through a friend (who would later become a DBC Campus Director), James bid farewell to his previous job to pursue his passion for software development as a Dev Bootcamp student. Fast forward a couple years, and James is now an Instructor in San Francisco, bringing with him experience teaching coding in both remote and in person settings, to students as young as first grade.

When not getting joy out of guiding students through teachable moments, James can most often be found eating donuts or candy, hunkered down with a good book or movie, or traveling to a new overseas destination.

Maxwell Mathews

Software Developer Instructor

Maxwell decided to shake up his career after eight years as a software engineer and project manager for a federal contractor – and couldn’t be happier. As a developer, he finds joy in collaboration and helping other engineers achieve their development goals and launch creative projects.

With Dev Bootcamp Maxwell aims to help students discover the skills and tools they need to fuel their careers. He has a background in C++ and Linux systems administration. When he’s not hanging around DBC San Francisco you’ll find him building bicycles or singing his heart out.

Rahmal Conda

Software Developer Instructor

Rahmal is a Software Engineer from Chicago, with 17 years of experience in software development, and an M.S. in computer science. Eager to join Silicon Valley’s startup scene, he moved his family out west. Having spent nearly two decades in software development, Rahmal became acutely aware of the tech industry's lack of diversity, not to mention it's struggles to keep up with the demand for more engineers to build the fabric of our connected society. Convinced that Dev Bootcamp is the answer to both of those problems, Rahmal chose to lend his knowledge and experience to the next generation of innovators.

Frank Gonzalez

Program Coordinator & Office Manager

Frank has an extensive history as an Operations professional that showcases his ability to adapt with changing business environments. He has been exposed to a variety of company value systems, and prefers to work at a company that promotes acceptance, empathy and positive reinforcement. A culture which provides an environment that values employee morale in addition to high performance expectations at all levels of the company.

Frank wants to invest his time and talent at an organization whose core values are to not only demand excellence in the work being done, but to also support and empower its employees to be their full, authentic self. He believes that Dev Bootcamp is very much in alignment with this culture model.

Where Dev Bootcamp alumni work in San Francisco

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Alumni & Their New Employers

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Cari W.

Graduated 2015, San Francisco

Software Engineer at Deliv

“It's crazy to think that in less than six months, you can come away with the skills to work in software development. I don't even have the word 'junior' in my title. I am a Software Developer.”

Randy G.

Graduated 2015, San Francisco

Demo Engineer at Salesforce

“I went from knowing nothing to building a web app in a matter of days. You’re surrounded by teachers and peers who are there to help you figure things out.”

Laura M.

Graduated 2013, San Francisco

Media Solutions Developer Support Engineer at Facebook

"With DBC, I knew I was getting to the core of what I would be using every day as a developer. And after a year and three months in the business, I can say that I use my skills every day."

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