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July 27, 2017

Dev Bootcamp’s President Explains Why Dev Bootcamp is Shutting Down

Q&A with Dev Bootcamp president, Tarlin Ray, who talks about the industry, why Dev Bootcamp is closing, and what the future of the industry holds.

June 30, 2017

Changing Careers in 20 Weeks with Chris Coles

Dev Bootcamp alum, Chris Coles, talks with Forbes about his journey from starting at an Ivy League college to completing his education at a coding bootcamp and redirecting his career into technology.

June 21, 2017

3 Signs You’re at the Wrong Job

San Francisco campus director, Michael Walker, shares his advice for people contemplating a career change. He discusses the signs that helped him to realize when it was time to move on from the various positions he held along his career journey.

Usa today
June 15, 2017

Trump’s Apprenticeship Program Good But Maybe Too Little

In light of Trump’s executive order to greatly expand apprenticeship programs, Dev Bootcamp highlights the work it has done with partners like Adobe, LinkedIn and Intuit to further tech apprenticeship programs.

June 12, 2017

Signs You Should Not Take That Programming Job

Career developers Kamrin Klauschie and Katy Martin along with alum Laura Thorson help new and experienced programmers identify the signs that might indicate a particular job may not be the best fit, whether because of incompatibilities with the team, a poor work environment, or philosophical differences with the organization.

Huffington post
June 4, 2017

5 People Who Relaunched Their Careers Share Their Biggest Lessons

Dev Bootcamp alum, Philipp Blume shares insights on why and how he made his career transition from music professor to a web products engineer.

May 21, 2017

How culinary school and gaming helped former teacher Mannah Kallon land a career in coding

Alum Mannah Kallon shares his story that started in culinary school, took him to the schools of Harlem where he got students excited about math with his self-built app, brought him to Dev Bootcamp, and now continues at Stitch Fix where he works as a software engineer.

Breaking startups
May 5, 2017

How a Graphic Designer Became an Experience Engineer at Adobe

In this podcast, Dev Bootcamp alum, Erica Prenga, talks in depth about why she went from studying graphic design to learning to code and how she confidently negotiated her way to an engineering role at Adobe.

May 1, 2017

10 Things You Should Know Before Your Job Interview

New York career developer, Bie Aweh, shares with the HR Uncubed conference audience why coding bootcamps and apprenticeships are attracting women and people of color and are prime sources for companies looking to improve their diversity numbers to recruit and train non-traditional talent.

Learn to code with me
April 25, 2017

Getting into Tech with Dev Bootcamp’s Director of Curriculum Steven Harms

Director of Curriculum, Steven Harms, stops by Laurence Bradford’s podcast to discuss his passion for helping people into tech, his journey into the industry, and his advice for anyone learning to code. He also explains what makes a good coding curriculum and learning platform.

April 19, 2017

Tech companies should take a page from the MLB playbook and create ‘farm teams’ to close the talent deficit

DBC President, Tarlin Ray, pens an article about the need for more companies to abandon their hiring biases, scrap outdated job requirements, and invest in apprenticeship programs within their organizations in order to open their pipelines to diverse, non-traditional employees and close the growing talent deficit.

Built in austin
April 10, 2017

Why coders code: How these 6 Austin programmers started coding

Austin instructor, Joel Rojo, shares his tech journey that started with playing video games and led to studying computer science at Harvard before taking him to TicketKarma and Indeed before teaching future coders at DBC. He also shares his advice for aspiring software developers.

Austin woman magazine
April 2017

The Austin campus director of Dev Bootcamp pinpoints the inner dialogue that’s imperative to building a solid starting block in tech

Austin Campus Director, Whitney O’Banner, speaks to the women of her city just starting out in the tech industry. In this article, she shares her best advice for those wanting to take that next step and bridge the learning gap between novice and know-it-all. Here’s a sneak peek: “Explore, tinker and get lost in curiosity! Forging a path in tech is easiest when combining work with play.”

Ny mag
March 24, 2017

The Hidden Power of Stack Overflow: How a Website You’ve Never Heard of Is Holding the Web Together

Most coders know that Stack Overflow is a great resource, but use is wisely! Dev Bootcamp Curriculum Director Steven Harms talks about the benefits and perils of using the site including tips on how to use it as an effective tool without developing an overdependence or using it as a crutch that hinders your learning.

March 22, 2017

At 50, Dev Bootcamp’s Michael Jay Walker quit his day job to learn coding with kids in their twenties

San Francisco Campus Director, Michael Jay Walker (“Walker”), shares his journey with the Breaking into Startups podcast team about starting a new life in tech after several successful careers as a banker, turned marketing executive, turned startup guru. As someone who pursued a non-traditional route into the industry, he also speaks about his work to increase access to tech careers for people who don’t resemble the traditional techie through diversity partnerships and apprenticeship programs with companies like Facebook and Adobe.

Chicago tribune
March 14, 2017

Do coding boot camps measure up? These groups want to help you find out

The topic of coding bootcamp outcomes is a complex one and all too often gets boiled down to single “success rate” percentages, which gives students an incomplete narrative. It is also true that some bootcamps exaggerate their employment rates in advertisements to attract new students. Dev Bootcamp has long taken a stance against this misleading practice. Read why we decided against joining the most recent attempt by some bootcamps to self-police their own outcomes reporting and advertising, which ultimately allows them to continue their misleading advertising to students.

March 1, 2017

These Companies Are Working to Shrink the Gender Gap in Tech

Granting greater access to quality technical education and meaningful careers to a more diverse group of individuals takes work on multiple levels - financing options, partnership development, an inclusive culture, career development. Read how Dev Bootcamp is running on all cylinders to promote diversity and inclusion both on our campuses and in the broader tech industry.

Cio dive
February 28, 2017

What you need to know about the changing US workforce

Silicon Valley and New York aren’t the only places tech companies are sourcing talent or deciding to headquarter their businesses. Dev Bootcamp Executive Director of Careers, Cody Leclaire, offers his perspective on the changing nature of tech hubs and where DBC grads are finding jobs. He also ruminates on how and why tech hiring managers need to open their pipelines to include more non-traditional talent.

February 28, 2017

In the Middle of a Career, and Finding a New One

Dev Bootcamp alum, Philipp Blume, started his career in tech after working the first half of his professional life as a music professor. Philipp describes how music and algorithms relate and how his training at DBC Chicago led to a life of greater financial stability, higher pay, and more job opportunities. Access to a meaningful career in tech is possible at any age.

Fast company
February 24, 2017

I Had Career Experts Make Over My Crappy Cover Letter

Dev Bootcamp Chicago career developer, Katy Martin, dissected an old cover letter written by reporter Rich Bellis, providing him with tips to improve the likelihood that his younger self would have secured the interview he never got with the original note. Read through her input that demonstrates the type of expertise and counsel our students receive across campuses from our dedicated, full-time career services team.

Austin inno
February 14, 2017

An Inside Look at What Austin Coding Bootcamps Offer

There are a number of options for bootcamps in Austin. This article highlights Dev Bootcamp’s Austin campus as one of the top programs in the area with our focus on the integration of technical and interpersonal skills, commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives, full-time expert instructors, dedicated career services team, and robust alumni community as reasons why DBC might be the right choice for you.

February 8, 2017

The Next Big Blue-Collar Job is Coding

Columnist Clive Thompson describes the need to shift away from the outdated stereotype that coders must be white or Asian hoodie-clad men who have been coding since childhood. He argues that it is time to place “less focus on the wunderkinds and more on the proletariat.” His point being, a coder can be anyone. Coding is a skill that can be learned at intensive training programs like Dev Bootcamp; it isn’t reserved just for elusive geniuses but should be an accessible skill attainable by anyone as long as they have the appetite, aptitude, and resolve to work hard.

Ed tech digest
January 27, 2017

Choosing a Bootcamp

Still deciding on a coding bootcamp? Are you obsessed with bootcamp “job placement” rates and starting salaries? Dev Bootcamp alum and Adobe experience developer, Erica Prenga, explains why those numbers aren’t the best indicators of program quality. She also shares some of the requirements she looked for in a program and the questions she asked all the bootcamps she considered before deciding on joining us at DBC.

Tech republic
January 16, 2017

Coding school graduates: Are they worth hiring?

The coding bootcamp industry is still relatively new, so it isn’t unusual that programs like Dev Bootcamp along with our graduates still need to overcome some cynicism and stereotypes in the tech world. DBC COO, Tarlin Ray, discusses the diversity of successful outcomes our 2,800 grads have achieved to date and explains why every new coder, whether a bootcamp or traditional CS grad, shouldn’t be going after the same roles. Also, read the perspectives of companies that have successfully hired and onboarded DBC grads and why they find the investment in our talent so worthwhile.

Built in austin
December 7, 2016

4 Austin career coaches share job searching tips for recent coding school grads

The job search after graduating from DBC is different for everyone, but no matter who you are or what positions you’re applying for, our dedicated, full-time career developers are here to provide you with services throughout your 18 weeks of instruction as well as customized support after graduation. Austin’s career developer, Whitney O’Banner, offers her tips that have proven successful for recent grads. Just remember, tips and support from our team will only take you so far, your own hard work, commitment and perseverance will get you across the finish line.

Learn to code with me
November 29, 2016

Violinist to Instructor Apprentice at Dev Bootcamp

Taking the first step to change careers can be daunting, especially if you want to get into tech with a non-technical background. DBC instructor apprentice, Debbie Milburn, took that leap from classically trained violinist to programmer. From her experience, she says, “Don’t let fear stop you from trying something new in tech. Big life changes can be scary, but fear doesn’t mean you’re going in the wrong direction.” Hear more about her journey and get her advice in this podcast.

Ed tech digest
November 24, 2016

Beyond Programming Language

DBC Director of Curriculum, Steven Harms, describes why your bootcamp choice should be based on more than just the program's support of a single language, framework or technique and why Dev Bootcamp focuses foremost on the foundational skills every developer needs to produce great products. "Hiring managers care less that a new developer has mastered a specific language and more about an applicant’s ability to reason using programming principles, to understand and communicate the theory of programming languages, and to work outside of a pattern."

October 28, 2016

11 Careers You Can Land After Attending A Coding Bootcamp

If you think that the only successful outcome after graduating from DBC is to become a full stack web developer, you’re missing out on so many other jobs that your foundational software development skills can help train you for. There is a number of tech-related roles that need a pipeline; every person shouldn't be going after the same opening. The outcomes for our alumni are as diverse as the backgrounds they had when they entered the program. Read about some of the other exciting careers that our alumni (and other bootcamp grads) chose to pursue with their new tech skills.

October 24, 2016

5 strategies to reboot your IT career

Thinking about making the transition from IT to engineering? Austin Career Developer (and Campus Director), Whitney O’Banner, shares some of her tips for “skilling up.” And alum, Shane Biggs, shares how and why he chose to make the move from sys admin to web developer.

Sf business times
October 20, 2016

As the need for software developers rises, coding schools promise results for students and employers

San Francisco Campus Director, Michael Walker (“Walker”), shares his perspective on the local job market; the need for new, talented tech employees to close the talent deficit in the Bay Area; the positive impact the 13 San Francisco-based coding bootcamps, chief among them being DBC, are having on engineering teams; and the life-changing effect the same bootcamps are having on their grads by providing access to meaningful careers that otherwise wouldn’t be within reach.

September 26, 2016

Edie Windsor coding scholarship selects 40 LGBTQ women to learn how to code

Back in May, DBC matched the $100K Lesbians Who Tech raised with their Kickstarter campaign for the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship Fund. Together, we aimed to create greater access for more LGBTQ women to learn to code by paying half of the tuition for their bootcamp training. Now, you can meet the 40 deserving recipients who will be joining our upcoming DBC cohorts (along with other bootcamps’ cohorts) across the country.

Information week
September 23, 2016

IT, Dev Boot Camps Help Kick-Start Careers

In need of an interesting podcast to listen to while on the treadmill or taking Fido out for his evening walk? Listen to DBC’s COO, Tarlin Ray, give a brief history of the industry, provide his perspective on its rapid growth and share how Dev Bootcamp stands out from the pack.

September 14, 2016

Careers in Code - Leading Coding Schools 2016

Interested in learning more about the current state of the coding bootcamp industry and how bootcamps are helping to close the tech skills gap? How about a deep dive into some of the top programs across the country? This article is your one-stop-shop. Be sure to click on the full DBC profile along the side panel!

August 20, 2016

Decoding coding camps’ job claims

Have you ever wondered why DBC won’t play the outcomes game? It’s because the advertised claims that most bootcamps put out there are misleading. If you look carefully, you’ll find that their marketing claims don’t match the data in their own detailed reports. We are concerned about the rampant use of these inflated statistics – many by schools that aren’t even properly licensed – and the false advertising they represent. This article is a helpful breakdown of what a number of national bootcamps are doing to boost their numbers, something we simply refuse to do.

August 1, 2016

Modernae Woman: Whitney O’Banner, Dev Bootcamp Austin Campus Director

Austin Campus Director, Whitney O’Banner, talks about her experience as a developer, how she found her place at DBC and what she is trying to do now for our current students, the Austin tech scene and the broader industry, “The larger goal of what we’re doing—of what I’m doing—is to really change the face of this industry. That’s not with color, that’s not with race or gender. It’s really putting people in the market who are empathetic and know how to collaborate well on teams, who have these cognitive skills to really change what this industry looks like and to change how this industry feels.”

August 4, 2016

Building an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce at PayPal

As part of their commitment to building a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce, PayPal is strengthening their relationship with Dev Bootcamp and other organizations, such as Anita Borg Institute, the Clayman Institute, Prince’s Trust, and Stonewall that are increasing diversity in the technology industry.

Technically brooklyn
June 8, 2016

Here are the best tech companies for people of color

Improving diversity in the talent pipeline through our student population is one component of DBC's vision, and the other is to see greater diversity among our staff. It is an honor to be recognized as one of the best places to work for people of color.

Usa today
May 4, 2016

Groups to raise $200k for LGBTQ women coding scholarships

We are proud to partner with Lesbians Who Tech to help 20+ LGBTQ‬ women learn to code. We matched the organization’s $100K Kickstarter campaign goal for the‪ Edie Windsor‬ Coding Scholarship Fund. Our match will double the number of women who receive tuition help to attend coding school.

April 26, 2016

California coding school to launch Austin class in May

A new campus announcement in Austin. With campuses across the U.S. – San Francisco, New York, Chicago, San Diego and Seattle – Austin is the next obvious choice to help fill the talent pipeline for a region with a growing number of tech companies.

April 11, 2016

Facebook’s using F8 proceeds to fund Dev Bootcamp scholarships for underrepresented people in tech

We are proud to be working with Facebook to launch the Facebook F8 Scholarship! Facebook, a great supporter of diversity in tech, has donated $250K to help 20 CA students from underrepresented groups go through our 19-week immersive program in San Francisco.

April 7, 2016

“Just being a woman of color who loves tech and stays in the industry makes a difference”

A quote directly from our Austin campus director, Whitney O’Banner, who shared her personal tech journey with the community. She hopes her personal narrative can encourage more black, Latina and trans women to become coders, mitigate their feelings of being an outsider in the industry or start a dialogue about less discriminatory hiring practices in the tech industry.

April 5, 2016

More coding bootcamps vie for Seattle students

Dev Bootcamp is preparing to open the doors to its fifth campus in Seattle and create job-ready, full-stack web developers in a whole new market.

February 29, 2016

The 13 developer skills you need to master now

San Francisco teacher, Sherif Abushadi, joins a number of other industry experts to share some of his insights around the languages, frameworks and non-technical skills that will be crucial for aspiring coders and employed developers alike to get ahead in 2016.

February 29, 2016

As Industry Booms, Dev Bootcamp Adds Seattle, Austin, Washington DC

With the outlook for bootcamps in 2016 looking bright, Dev Bootcamp president, Jon Stowe, shares his industry predictions for the new year and exciting news about the company’s geographic expansion into Seattle, Austin and Washington DC.

Fast company
February 11, 2016

How Teaching Soft Skills At My Coding Bootcamp Improved Diversity

Our president, Jon Stowe, shares his wisdom with Fast Company about challenging the stereotype of the traditional programmer and improving diversity in tech through teaching empathy. Get Jon’s perspective, as a former CTO, on hiring “hungry” junior developers with beginner mindsets, the ideal environment for mentoring new coders, his argument for including engineers in broader business strategy discussions and customer service training, and the necessary types of questions to ask in order to start teaching empathy within established and growing engineering teams.

Chicago inno
February 2, 2016

What Happens After You Graduate a Code Bootcamp?

Learn about the career progression for several members of our first Chicago cohort from 2013 in their own words. Of the 14 students that signed up for the inaugural class, 13 completed the program, and all are still working in tech today. They have worked at exciting companies including: Pebble, Sprout Social, Signal and Braintree, to name a few.

December 8, 2015

Why This Coding Bootcamp Is Teaching Empathy

“Engineering Empathy strives to give coders of all genders the knowledge and emotional skills to cultivate inclusive work environments. The program consists of six core units: feedback and teamwork, diversity and allyship, resilience and the inner critic, empathy and authenticity, navigating difficult conversations, and team dynamics." Learn more about our unique program directly from SF campus director, Anne Spalding, and alum, Cari Westbrook.

November 10, 2015

"We only work with the best programs because I want students to pay back loans..."

"...If I'm wrong about a program, then we lose money." Lending partner, Skills Fund, acts as both a student financing company and quality control service for the bootcamp industry. The company will only work with bootcamps that have a stellar track record for helping students earn tech jobs following graduation. Guess who was one of their first partners?

Venture beat
November 8, 2015

Coding bootcamps are replacing computer science degrees

And while computer science degrees have been losing steam, interest in coding bootcamps has exploded.” An interesting read on how the industry that Dev Bootcamp pioneered is disrupting traditional higher education by providing more marketable skills than a 4-year computer science degree.

November 1, 2015

The Trick To Finding Top Technology Talent

Our president, Jon Stowe, adds his tips for finding and retaining top tech talent in a competitive environment whether it's a startup or Fortune 500 company. His main piece of advice: cultural fit is key.

October 27, 2015

We Visited a Coding Bootcamp for a Day, and We Would Totally Sign Up

Tour the Dev Bootcamp New York office through the eyes of two students and learn how coding can be a tool to help create beautiful and meaningful things whether you're interested in art, fashion, music and much more.

October 22, 2015

Dev Bootcamp Adds San Diego Program as Coding Schools Multiply

Dev Bootcamp is preparing to open the doors to its fourth campus in San Diego and create job-ready, full-stack web developers in a whole new market.

Inside higher ed
October 21, 2015

Skills Fund Aims to be an Accreditor and Private Lender for Growing Boot Camp Sector

Dev Bootcamp and sister bootcamp, Metis, partnered with Skills Fund, a student lending platform designed specifically for bootcamps, to help broaden its student population and better achieve its goal of diversifying the technology sector.

October 16, 2015

Developer 'Boot Camp' Gets Students Ready to Code

Read about the experiences of two Dev Bootcamp San Francisco students and learn from president, Jon Stowe, and SF Program Director, Anne Spalding, about what makes Dev Bootcamp unique, from its origin to its culture to its curriculum.

Fast company
July 16, 2015

Financing Options are Finally Catching Up with Bootcamps’ Growth

Dev Bootcamp’s president, Jon Stowe, has long been an advocate of alternative financing solutions for coding bootcamps. In addition to existing partnerships with Pave and Upstart, Dev Bootcamp now partners with lending startup Affirm.

July 14, 2015

Paypal Co-founder New Lending Startup Affirm Gets Into Student Loans For Coding Bootcamps

Dev Bootcamp aligns with new lending partner, Affirm, to offer students another option to financing their bootcamp education.

July 8, 2015

Employers and Coding Bootcamps Tackle Tech Diversity

Dev Bootcamp’s Engineering Empathy program, which is built into the bootcamp experience, requires students and instructors to discuss diversity and hidden biases. It’s part of a culture of inclusion that encourages students to bring their whole self every day.

July 2, 2015

Why a mom from Nebraska left home to join S.F. coding boot camp

How one student, a 40-something mom of three from Nebraska challenged the stereotypes and her own inner critic to learn to code, confidently at Dev Bootcamp.

Chicago inno
July 2, 2015

A Risk With High Reward: A Day In The Life at Dev Bootcamp

Read about what it’s like to spend a day in the life of a student at Dev Bootcamp - Chicago.

Chicago inno
April 28, 2015

Why These Chicago Teachers Traded the Classroom for Coding

Chicago teachers turned developers share their thoughts on why teaching and coding are similar - part art and part science and both require continuous learning to stay current.

Chicago tribune
April 15, 2015

How Dev Bootcamp uses yoga to relieve stress and enhance creativity

Dev Bootcamp incorporates yoga into its curriculum to help students reduce stress and maintain mind and body balance during the rigorous program.

April 14, 2015

16 Startups Poised to Disrupt the Education Market

Are traditional institutions offering the right solutions for all students? A short list of start-ups, including Dev Bootcamp, are introducing innovative learning models that challenge the norm.

Tech republic
March 16, 2015

New 'TechHire' initiative from the White House aims to get more Americans plugged into tech jobs

Dave Hoover, co-founder of Dev Bootcamp, Chicago, talks about Dev Bootcamp's expansion programs and its continued leadership in the bootcamp space.

March 12, 2015

3 Years After Launching the Bootcamp Industry, Dev Bootcamp Celebrates by Announcing a Diversity Scholarship

The industry leader and pioneer of the immersive coding “bootcamp,” celebrates with a renewed effort to encourage more women and minorities to enter the tech sector.

Ecampus news
March 9, 2015

Obama launches new national tech-ed initiative

Announcing the TechHire initiative, President Obama highlights the important role that accelerated training programs such as coding boot camps play in building the pipeline of technical workers.

March 9, 2015

Obama has a $100M Plan to Fill the Tech Talent Shortage

Obama outlines a $100M plan to fill the tech talent shortage, including support from accelerated tech training programs like Dev Bootcamp.

February 13, 2015

Can you get a tech job coming from a totally different field?

Dev Bootcamp offers nine weeks of online training to introduce programming basics, as a foundation for the nine weeks of intensive in-person training.

The star online
January 21, 2015

Boot camp-style schools teach code to career switchers

Programs like Dev Bootcamp take people with little to no programming experience and transform them into job-ready web developers.

December 20, 2014

12 Weeks To A 6-Figure Job

Dev Bootcamp is one of the immersive coding schools that prepare people for well-paying careers in software development, regardless of their technical background.

December 20, 2014

Boot camp-style schools teach code to career switchers

Programs like Dev Bootcamp take people with little to no programming experience and transform them into job-ready web developers.

The new york times
October 13, 2014

Web-Era Trade Schools, Feeding a Need for Code

Coding programs like Dev Bootcamp, a Kaplan subsidiary, are emerging and changing the face of education.

Chicago tribune
July 2, 2014

How one developer school is 'engineering empathy' for the workplace

Dev Bootcamp teaches “Engineering Empathy” to train students not just to code but to work in teams and collaborate effectively to build better products.

The new york times
June 27, 2014

New Father? New C.E.O.? There’s a Boot Camp for You

Dev Bootcamp pioneered the idea of immersive coding boot camp, where learning focuses on both mind and body to create a transformative learning experience.

June 25, 2014

Investments Decline As Education Technology Grows Up

Kaplan acquired Dev Bootcamp and plans to build it into a formidable force in the growing market of software development training.

June 25, 2014

Dev Bootcamp No Longer Bootstrapped, Acquired by Kaplan

Kaplan acquires Dev Bootcamp, one of the most recognizable names among coding boot camps.

June 6, 2014

Dev Bootcamp's NYC Debut

Announcing the opening of a New York City office, Dev Bootcamp extends its expertly-curated, comprehensive curriculum to new communities of students.

Huffington post
April 12, 2013

After Coding Bootcamp, Man Doubled His Salary After 9 Weeks Of Studying

Coding boot camp programs like Dev Bootcamp can be grueling and intense, but the payoff can be life-changing.