Learn how to code in our immersive 18-week program

Dev Bootcamp has developed its teaching approach and highly effective curriculum with input from employers and thousands of students. In our program, you’ll learn full-stack web development skills plus the interpersonal skills you need to contribute effectively to a dev team from day one.

Our program divides into two parts, lasting nine weeks each:

  • Phase 0 (online)
  • Phases 1-3 (on campus)
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Phase 0

Online - Prep for
Immersive Learning

Part-Time, Guided Online Learning
Time Commitment:
20-25 hours per week

Phase 0 offers students with little to no coding experience a guided, collaborative onramp to learn the fundamentals of coding. You’ll get acquainted with Dev Bootcamp’s teaching style as well as concepts developers use constantly in their work, like feedback, pair programming and refactoring. Phase 0 helps students conquer hundreds of technical competencies and provides a rigorous and thorough grounding for what lies ahead.

Learn alongside a cohort of students with virtual lectures, weekly challenges and guided pairing sessions.

Understand the basics of JavaScript, Ruby, HTML and CSS and practice using tools like Github to share your work.

Practice writing code with a pragmatic, hands-on approach with weekly assignments.

Get 1:1 coaching with a technical advisor to work through challenging curriculum.

Complete mid-phase and final phase assessments ensure you’re ready to proceed to on-campus learning.

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Phases 1-3

On Campus

Full-time, immersive learning
Time Commitment:
50+ hours per week, for 9-15 weeks*

You'll join the dynamic community of students at one of our Dev Bootcamp locations and dive deep into coding classes, learning from full-time instructors faster than you ever thought you could.

Each phase lasts three weeks, with assessments at the end of the first two phases. Students may repeat phases 1 and 2 once each. DBC students spend the majority of their learning time solving coding challenges in pairs.

Repeat phase

*Some students may be asked to repeat a phase to ensure concept mastery. Students may repeat up to one phase in the online portion and up to two phases in the on-campus portion.

Structured Learning.
DBC students first master the fundamentals of solving problems with code, then learn tools and practices required to build web applications, then bring it all together by developing fully-functional web applications.

Varied Teaching Styles.
Our dynamic environment focuses on collaborative, active learning via pair programming challenges, individual assessments and group projects. Topic lectures by dedicated instructors vary the format, while daily standups give students a way to share tips useful to the broader group.

Constant Collaboration.
Our emphasis on pair programming as a teaching tool solidifies your skills while sharpening critical communications skills. Weekly Engineering Empathy seminars focus on the interpersonal side of software development and enable students to become more effective and productive team members.

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Career Services

Starting a career in technology requires more than just mastering web development skills. We’ll teach you how to tackle a technical interview, prepare your code portfolio and craft your personal brand as a developer - everything you need to land your technical job.

We incorporate career preparation from day one of our program. One-on-one planning sessions with full-time Career Developers will help you tailor your job search to your goals.

After graduation, you’ll continue to work with your Career Developer team, conduct mock interviews while you network and use our employer partners’ job platform, Employ, to apply for jobs.