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Dev Bootcamp’s curriculum and career training puts you on the fast track towards a career in technology. You will learn technical skills and programming languages that will enable you to work successfully at different types of companies.

Work with our experienced careers team and experts in your local tech community to develop the skills necessary to land your first job and grow your career. You’ll stay connected with your cohort and other Dev Bootcamp grads who are working in tech teams all over the world.

All Dev Bootcamp graduates gain access to our platform, Employ. By being a part of this network, you’re seamlessly connected to hundreds of hiring companies.

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Our Career Training Curriculum

To get ramped up for your first job hunt post-Dev Bootcamp, you can expect to learn best practices on the following topics:

  • Succeeding in both technical and cultural interviews
  • Developing your personal brand by identifying how to tell your unique story
  • Strategic and effective job searching techniques
  • Coding and whiteboarding challenges
  • Building your confidence as a job seeker
  • Sharpening your networking skills and how to best connect with employers
  • Effectively negotiating your salary
  • Succeeding in both technical and cultural interviews
  • Developing your personal brand by identifying how to tell your unique story
  • Strategic and effective job searching techniques
  • Coding and whiteboarding challenges
  • Building your confidence as a job seeker
  • Sharpening your networking skills and how to best connect with employers
  • Effectively negotiating your salary

Meet Our Careers Team

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Cody Leclaire

Executive Director of Careers

Cody joined Dev Bootcamp in November of 2015 to lead and grow our career focused efforts globally. Prior to joining Dev Bootcamp, Cody spent the last decade innovating and developing new and current products in dynamic organizations. He was a part of building one the world's leading internship program providers and working with thousands of students around the world in finding their dream jobs. Cody brings deep experience and insight in careers work to DBC and is passionate about working with those looking to enter the modern workforce as full-time web developers. Outside of work Cody enjoys spending time with his family and the great outdoors.

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Kevin Solorio

Career Developer, San Diego

Kevin is a self taught software developer who has experience working on both product teams and consulting teams. Kevin joined Dev Bootcamp in April 2013 and was part of the launch team for our Chicago campus. In September of 2015, he made the decision to move to sunny San Diego to lead the launch of our fourth location. When Kevin isn’t teaching, coding or working on a side project you will most likely find him near one of the local General Aviation (GA) airports working on the next rating or logbook endorsement.

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Nicole Drummond

Career Developer, New York

Nicole is an experienced human resources professional with a specialization in career planning, coaching, and training alongside performance management. Nicole is a true mentor and thrives best when she's inspiring others. In Nicole's previous role as Head of HR, she created new policies, procedures and implemented best practices, whilst creating and maintaining an awesome workplace culture! Nicole volunteers her time as a mentor in the Society for Human Resource Management NYC motivating the next wave of HR talent. Nicole received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Purdue University and her first job was in the Indiana Legislature. Outside of her career, Nicole enjoys playing video games as much as possible, traveling with her husband, barre fitness class and will forever be on the quest for the perfect veggie burger.

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Kamrin Klauschie

Senior Career Developer, San Francisco

Kamrin (also known as Kam) joined Dev Bootcamp in 2015 to grow the employer partner network across the Bay Area. Before Dev Bootcamp, she worked at Sama, a San Francisco based non-profit offering digital work and 21st century job training to poor people in the U.S., Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. She was the first Community Manager at AngelHack, the world's largest hackathon competition, where she represented the company across Asia and the Middle East. In 2012, she lived in Hyderabad, India as an IDEX Fellow in Social Enterprise, testing the viability of low cost tablet technologies in schools in slums. She is passionate about working at the intersection of technology, community, and social impact. Kam is the co-founder of TEDxUCIrvine and loves travel, reading, dogs, running, entrepreneurship, and a good game of soccer.

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Lacey Padgett

Career Developer, Seattle

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Lacey has always been interested in the tech industry. After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer and years of nonprofit counseling work, Lacey was able to combine her passion of the tech industry and workforce development. In collaboration with local partners, Lacey cultivated a bootcamp to train underrepresented and low-income individuals in the fundamentals of web development. Her dedication to diversify the tech industry and help students and employers find their match has brought her to Dev Bootcamp Seattle. Offline, Lacey enjoys doing yoga, hiking, and searching for good food and fun!

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Rachel Feigenbaum

Senior Career Developer, Chicago

Rachel joined Dev Bootcamp in 2014 to help grow the employer network in Chicago. Prior to joining Dev Bootcamp, Rachel worked at a small software consultancy in sales and account management. Rachel was immediately fascinated with the software development industry when she was first shown the power of coding. Driven by her love of the technology industry, Rachel excels at matching hiring companies with the right Dev Bootcamp developers. Outside of work, Rachel loves going on adventures with her mutt, Zep and participating in different types of running and biking races all over the Midwest.

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Katy Martin

Career Developer, Chicago

Katy is a talent search and talent growth professional with a background in recruiting, learning and development, curriculum development, and hospitality management. Prior to joining the team at Dev Bootcamp, Katy was focused on high-volume recruiting efforts to grow an employee base from 30 to 515 over a one-year span at a prominent technology company. Katy loves creating "light bulb moments" for others in her professional career and watching the growth of those she works with. Katy earned her bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Florida. In her spare time, Katy loves to dance, go running, spend time with her dog, and check out new coffee shops.

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Jessica Durbin

Student Records Specialist

Jessica joined Dev Bootcamp in May 2016. She is a marketing and data strategist who focuses on weaving raw, quantitative information into meaningful yarns. Before joining Dev Bootcamp, Jessica worked for Kaplan Test Prep, where she served in various operational support roles and was a Pre-College and Grad teacher and tutor for six years. She earned her bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Louisville--in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky--where she also studied Public Administration as a graduate student. Outside of DBC, Jessica enjoys yoga, gardening, cooking, and exploring the Washington DC metro region with her three miniature dachshunds: Rosie, Jackson, and Daisy Mae.

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Molly Owens

Career Developer, Chicago

Molly joined DBC in the spring of 2016. She is a people professional, specializing in communication, emotional intelligence and learning. Prior to Dev Bootcamp, Molly worked in the sports industry of recruiting, education and international diplomacy at the United States Olympic Committee and U.S. Department of State. She is passionate about helping others find their authentic sense of self and reach their personal goals. She earned her Master's degree in Educational Psychology and undergraduate degree in Psychology from George Mason University in Virginia. When not working, you can find her adventuring Chicago's hidden gems, playing pick-up soccer with friends and making plans to travel around the world.

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Altara Weiland

Senior Career Developer, New York

Altara is a talent search and talent growth professional with a background in recruiting, business development and educational development. Prior to joining the team at Dev Bootcamp, I was a recruiter for the food and beverage industry where I worked with mid-level to c-level professionals to match their talent with dynamic companies. Prior to recruiting, she spent 3.5 years working for Dream Careers, where she was responsible for business development for San Francisco and New York, and was responsible for helping students launch their careers through internships in over 30 industries. She earned my bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Gonzaga University. In her spare time, she loves to travel the world, hang with her friends, eat good food, go on adventures and ride her bike.

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Sar Warner

Career Developer, San Francisco

As a former high school college access counselor and graduate tutor for Division I student-athletes, Sar's strength has been developing intellectually curious students to bring about creative solutions to difficult problems. To complement her practical knowledge of youth development, curriculum planning, and alternative learning, Sar came to California in 2014 to gain theoretical insight into unique learning models by pursuing an M.A. degree in Education at UC Berkeley. Sar is passionate about applying this combination of theory and practice at DBC by developing empathetic students who are looking to make a significant impact in the tech industry. Outside of work, Sar enjoys solving crossword puzzles, hand lettering, and hiking with her dog, Clementine.

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Anthony Holloway

Career Developer, San Francisco

Anthony's background revolves around social impact investing, employee engagement and community development outreach. Prior to joining Dev Bootcamp, Anthony was focused on providing non-profits, minority & women owned enterprises and charter schools with capital to grow their businesses through direct investments and partnerships with strategic 3rd parties. He loves embracing his inner geek and making things that excite him. Anthony is most interested in answering the question, "How might we all make our work more fulfilling?" Anthony earned a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics from Rutgers University. In his spare time, he likes to cook and enjoy amazing food, listen to 90's hip-hop, lift heavy weights, and explore nature.

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Bie Aweh

Career Developer, New York

Bie is a true Career Developer with a background in student development & higher education, social justice education, and curriculum development. Prior to joining the team at Dev Bootcamp, Bie was a student affairs professional at the University of California, Berkeley where she supported retention and recruitment efforts for historically underserved populations. In addition, Bie's work focused on building stronger pipelines for these students to explore careers in the Silicon Valley and beyond. As a professional, she LOVES supporting others as they realize their full potential, specifically combatting imposter syndrome! Bie earned her bachelor's degree in Political Science andWomen's Studies from the University of New Hampshire, and masters in Social Justice Education and Public Policy from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Because she loves school so much, she most recently completed a certificate in User Experience Design (UX) from UC Berkeley. In her spare time when she is not busy being a lifelong learner, she loves to work out, so you can surely find her in a nearby Crossfit box.

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Alumni & Their New Employers

Jake M.

Graduated 2014, New York City

Back-end developer at Mondo Robot

"Before Dev Bootcamp, I had no real web experience. Now I work at Mondo Robot in Boulder where I have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects written in Backbone.js, full-stack Rails and Angular."

Peter P.

Graduated 2014, San Francisco

Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

"I don’t want to work. I want to do something I consider my lifes work. Dev Bootcamp has allowed me to find this thing. I studied biology and business in college, and there’s no way I would have been able to switch to a career in programming."

Andrew V.

Graduated 2015, San Francisco

Software Support Engineer at Datadog

"I found the perfect fit here at Datadog. Dev Bootcamp is not just teaching you to program, but teaching you what it’s like to work in this industry."

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